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  1. More riven slots capacity please. + Even if riven mods give diversity to many weapon builds, still so many "mastery fodder weapons" can't get much advantages from them. People would use ignis wraith or arca plasmor rather than hind or convectrix even if they have low disposition. It's all about broken balance, not about riven disposition.
  2. Please DE, stop adding things like cycle system. We've been suffered enough from tridolon. Not all tenno have plenty of time waiting for the cycle. + I want to pause the game in open world when I play solo.
  3. Thanks for allowing duplicated dragon keys. Now I can farm corrupted mod all alone.
  4. Getting rid of the weapons and mods from milestone is removing biggest motivation to login everyday. People were not complaining about time gated rewards. They were complaining about unreasonably long time taking to get the rewards. Waiting 2 years to get all the mastery affinities is nonsense. but every 50 days to get what they want, so allowing 150 days to get 3 weapons or 3 mods is reasonable at least I think. For old veterans, lodestar syandana and armor set should be left at 800 days and 1000 days.
  5. So no more milestone based weapons and mods? how sad. they are only reason I keep logging in everyday, giving me new experiences in gameplay. Evergreen rewards look quite good, but old veterans are not desperate for them. they are more useful to relatively new players. If someone has played warframe more than 1k days, he would have experienced almost everything in this game. Evergreen rewards will not give veterans new enjoyments. Without having new experience, why should I keep logging in everyday after 1k days? I think we're losing great things in milestones.
  6. I wonder whether short ranged weapons like fist, sparring, claws, etc can get any advantages or not..? Hope De Give us considerable options to pick those weapons even compare to long ranged spin-to-win weapons Despite short range.
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