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  1. THANK YOU FOR NOT MAKING A NOTIFICATION IN MY NEWS CONSOLE IN MY ORBITER! I MISSED THE MAG WITH ITZAL NOGGLE BECAUSE THERE WAS LITERALLY NO WORD WHEN THESE STREAMS WILL END! This was announced ion the 21st of January, and there was no bloody notification.... I demand a rerun of the drops.... simply because none of you devs even bothered to make a news console notification...
  2. i bought all 3 avionics bundles and i didnt get a single item, cept the plat > credit conversion, i want my money back 😞
  3. thx for the hotfix, but you still need to fix emblems not being placed properly when using the Zevokk Shoulder Guards, as well as the chest plates from the Kuva Lich Hunter Collection.they are coloured wrong and dont match my graxx skins well and it makes me sad that this keeps getting ignored... 😞
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