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  1. No'ones had the chance to get those operator masks yet, silly DE.
  2. for some unknown reason, if you put punchthrough on Akarius, the projectiles still explode when they touch anything, but they also have the added ability to go through and hit another object/enemy, thus causing another explosion. idk why, but this is the only explosive gun that works like this with punchthrough. (i have tested punchthrough on Acceltra, it doesnt work properly.) i kinda wish this was a thing for other guns that shoot explosives.
  3. the galvanik armour set is still coloured wrong, as well as all the other armour sets, some of their accents dont match any other sets and its so frustrating that i cant use different armour sets with other kinds. 😞
  4. still havent fixed the khora and wukong mithra skin with missing textures..... wukongs huge leg pads still use the default skin while the khora skin still has spikes on her dress that still stay default. hasent been fixed since the rework...
  5. the khora mithra skin still has some spikes that still use the default skin, pls fix!
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