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  1. I was really hoping for nekros, I REALLY want that Armor set cuz those channeling effects are stellar
  2. Have you seen how stupid a riven modded fulmin is?
  3. No, but the fact that the fulmin is a similar class of weapon and that it can deal with more powerful enemies than a catchmoon does (they literally suffered from the same projectile bugs that no other weapon had - similar class of weapon)
  4. Same I have 2 crit rivens for catchmoon, one of which took me to 162%
  5. The fulmin is basically a catchmoon with access to hunter munitions, I did say in my other reply that I was expecting catchmoon nerfs (and fulmin nexts) ALSO it isn’t the highest dmg output weapons in the game its a few places behind other weapons with higher dispo even when comparing without rivens. then if u consider melee weapons it’s not the best dps by a long shot
  6. I’m mainly annoyed that catchmoon got nerfed even tho I was expecting it, but for it to go to 0.6 without something as op as the fulmin staying at 1.0 blows my mind. I’m constantly double checking hopin that I’m blind and did t see it
  7. NO FULMIN NERFS wtf ARE YOU HIGH. thatS#&$ is stronger than both the Plazmor and catchmoon yet those get 0.6 and fulmin stays at 1.0 wtf are you doing
  8. For those who didn’t know this is to prevent the 2nd way of creating the planet of the apes
  9. Ty, but...... while wukong is fun to play now, most parts of his kit suck now. his 4 is good I’ll give you that but his clone dmg not scaling with power strength and being half of the power duality has when it should be the other way around considering duality is an augment. Then the Armor cap on his 3 is a bit low and doesn’t allow u to tank like you would expect of the being that is wukong. Additionally his passive is garbage, it’s a fun thing but when you consider how short of a duration the buffs have, how you only get 3 per mission (THAT DONT REFRESH ON REVIVE USE) it’s a bit S#&$ (would be much nicer if you only had 1 and could earn them back eg via kills with 4, also can monkey luck work like a resource booster instead as it’s a bit useless in its current state)
  10. I think there should be a way for wukong to regenerate his death defying stacks, say 200 kills for a stack or 5minutes recharge time or 50 health orb pickups. something to make his passive to keep active in a long mission so that it doesn’t disappear after 3 ‘deaths’ in endurance. an upside I see to this is that you could trigger it on purpose in a pinch to get a buff without feeling like you wasted a revive. It should still be difficult to earn them back as some of the effects sound rly useful so you should have to work for them
  11. The fact that it’s saying recent change to catchmoon and plazmor is #*!%ing retarded, hasn’t this been around for months and months not just recent, because I’m almost 100% certain.
  12. *Screeches satanically* plz never add these to the game
  13. Wait will we have to complete all 227 map nodes to unlock these? Or just all planets?
  14. i know, i was told it would e tonight and have been sitting here for the last 3h doing other things, occasionally hitting F5 waiting for the update to drop
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