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  1. You cant call this an oversight, you've know about this since release. its the same as the chroma nerf (look where he is now, useless outside of giving 2x credits). now helios, the last useful sentinel will just collect dust until you add new enemies and then he'll get a few hours of use before going back to collecting dust. sure make this nerf its fine, what isn't fine is you doing this a day before the patch, its borderline a stealth nerf. This should've been included in the original arsenal devide post. (dont BS about it being recent, in the best case for that argument it would've been in the talking/consideration stages at that time so you could've at least mentioned in in the update edit to the post) also if you are taking away the last bits of useful potential from sentinels, rework them to actually be competitive so its not more valuable to run literally anything else. for starters, make regen work like the reawaken(or some other mechanic that doesnt have limited charges) without things like the stupid dispensary augment that isnt worth using. and rework their weapons to have stats that can actually kill something (even trash fodder enemies) past level 10, the only exception to this is the verglas as that can actually kill. for example a decked out kubro can kill lvl180s in one attack, let sentinels compete with that at least. and fix some other 'oversights' like condition overload not working on heavy attacks or desert wind and a few other bugged interactions.
  2. F to doubt, look at how popular and powerful the smeeta is, yet that has stood the test of time.
  3. Lol no, there are several weapons which are delete tanky units with 1 shot. And they are still useful against normal enemies. In the time it would take to impact proc and Parazon the enemy would already be dead with current guns. and it wouldn’t change the fact the shotguns have been mostly garbage (outside of sobek, k kohm, Corinth, Energis) since the status rework. if you want impact shotguns to work, we need internal bleeding for shotguns and for their status to be buffed into being able to go over 100% again. Even my godly riven Strun with 75k damage and going for the optimal elements is worthless in steel path and the new mods and Parazon mods won’t change that.
  4. i dissagree with atlas, with a good setup you can get landslides dealing upwards of 200m damage, while being invulnerable. but i agree with your general opinion. id also say that rhino needs a tweak (not a full rework) since he is just a walking roar buff rn, since his 4 isnt all that useful outside of raids, and there are easier ways to tank more damage. ive heard people say rhino is just a worse nezha and i agree.
  5. if rivens didnt use so much kuva, we'd have plenty of kuva. its a resource the same as every other resource. and no, there are some frames that are rly quite bad (bad doesnt mean unusable) and would really benefit from a rework. ive had hydroid mains call hydroid bad so its not just about a frame being good if there are people who like it.
  6. except you'll get frames you dont give a f about, and you'll get buffs that dont benefit your play style. at least with rivens you'd eventually get something usable and get to keep it.
  7. agreed, but imagine that all your weekly buffs are for frames you despise playing or that the buffs for frames you like are worthless to you. i know you arent loosing anything, but it would sure feel like it.
  8. i'd say its worse, with warframe rivens you at least wouldnt be limited to 3 a week and could change the stats to ones useful for what you want to farm with that frame. (and wouldnt have the unfair advantes in leaderboards, tho at least with this, the option of dropping several thousand plat on a riven would be out of the question).
  9. some people do, and they are ass hats, and this rng would just fuel their toxic nature. and others who arent toxic but like to be optimal would just be frustrated when they repeatedly get #*!%ed over by the rng that takes a whole week to reroll, not the 1 hour of arbitraions.
  10. ofc not, but enough where it would impact the whole comunity. i dont care when someone is being 'inefficient' ive helped people and played with people where i'd consider inefficeient, i'd hapily help them figure things out if they cared. but when im going out of my way to farm something i want to be efficient myself, as to not waste time repeating a farm when i could be playing a part of the game i enjoy more. and i have seen people who see an inefficient team, and either trash talk from teh duration of the mission or trash talk and abort. so imagine how bad those people would get with this system
  11. the plants are cheap as S#&$, i did it back when i was low mr (too low to even have helminth if that had been available back then) and it took like 30m of farming, maybe less to get titania. i know its not a law, but she is the best option (tho ivara is also nice) and easy enough to get, much easier than rank12 helminth thats for sure.
  12. except you'll be less efficient in farms, and will be unable to outscore them on the leaderboards, and people will be looking to join those buffed groups not your unbuffed group
  13. except that if you have a high enough rank helminth to have the ability you probably have titania already (spare normal or original normal cuz you have the prime) and and the titania ability also applies to allies.
  14. you'd be surprised how many people care, and dont underestimate the power of crying the loudest. and with how 'un skilled' most saryns are, a 200% buff on them would actually hurt them making it difficult to maintain stacks, and multiplie saryns nerf each other by killing off eachothers damage output. that being considered outside of wave 1-8 ESO and excuding the VERY small portion of good saryns who minmax kill rate with rivens, its quite easy to outkill and outdamage saryns.
  15. i rarely ever play arbitrations anymore, but if i see ember im playing it (as long its not defection). getting the buff on a set of frames i love and not being screwed by mission type decides if i play arbi or not. also the meta is not exactly 'do a ridiculous amount of damage at a ridiculous rate to a ridiculously large area while having enough tank to stay alive' its more along the lines of do JUST ENOUGH damage to kill while moving around as fast as possible / affecting as many enemies as possible in a way that makes you untouchable (ability/shield gate/staggers or just killing fast enough so you dont even get attacked). not much of a difference but i felt like it was significant enough to mention. but buffs of this nature should not be allowed to have ANY rng, because they'll make any leaderboard (operations or ESO) unfair if you didnt get lucky and get the perfect combination of frame and buff for yourself and the squad you are grinding with. imagine if your faviourite competition (e-sports or physical sport, or game show) was decided by a dice roll not skill
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