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  1. Any word on the punished NA PSN players not able to get Octavia Prime Accessories?
  2. Sorry to be a pest as I have OCD and the vials don't work on lavos's shoulders or syndana @[DE]Rebecca May this get hotfixxed
  3. Ran a 36 ove run and got 1k kills and only got 20,202 point it should have been 25- 30k run @[DE]Danielle
  4. So I just got Lavos and his Vials are always empty, I tried to hold cast, not showing up on abilities menu, and not in game. I already tried the restart, options hud, and uniinstall reinstall still not working. @[DE]Danielle. Also so don't have to make a new thread the Deimos skin for Keratinos. The guanlet with 2 claws goes to a rotates to a 90 degree angle in game. Also if leveling anything in Necramech it gives you no name on what leveled up, so you might see a lot of people thinking something didn't level. Also if changing Necramech or customizing weapon's look
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