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  1. Finally decided to pull life support and aborted to Fortuna. Luckily...
  2. Tried to escape through the opening the Exploiter Orb went through, alas invisible walls were in the way. Foiled again! Might as well start befriending the locals...
  3. It's been almost 30 minutes now, my kat died from the spooders. I tried to follow suit, but arcane grace + chroma made it impossible. I've been staring at this wall hoping that it will open (or I find some hole to fall off the map in). Ration and sanity is running low.
  4. Second time this has happened, but didn't mind the first time because a Shocking Step ephemera wasn't at stake. Joined a recruiting party for Exploiter and I got the ephemera from that run. The host wanted to run it again, so we went back into the cave. Host migrated when I entered the first area so door would not open. I though the door would open if I finished the first encounter, but it remained stuck after I rekted Exploiter's vents and made her flee. So now I'm trapped here and I'm not sure if I should alt-f4 or abort. I'm guessing I will lose the ephemera in either case... *sigh*
  5. Yes! That's exactly how I've felt since the Fortuna update! I honestly have zero interest in this floof hunting, material mining, fishing(?!?!!?! WHY?!), etc. Everything released with PoE and Fortuna feels so disconnected from the rest of the game due to the arbitrary new materials required for the new content. I definitely won't be surprised if the same trend to occur with their next open environment. As for the 60 minute survival OP: Is it do able? Yes. Do I want to spend an hour brain dead instead of doing something else?
  6. Invisible Judicial Coil accessory fix when? First thing I bought with my Vitus Essence....
  7. I watched +1 hour during the initial window and didn't get the drop. Which I didn't mind since I could try again next weekend, until rl came up and I missed the sat 5pm - sun 5pm est window completely. So can we get another drop window for the statue? 😧
  8. Can't replay the sacrifice cinematic quest just yet huh? Welp, time to make an alt account :3
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