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  1. thecolin-

    Coming Soon: Devstream #110!

    This ^. Oh and also; Why in the world, sometimes you are beyond comprehension DE.
  2. Ellerine sağlık Salkıronaz. Güzel olmuş gerçekten.
  3. thecolin-

    Update 17.1.0 - 17.1.4

    This is what everbody wants, why would you revert it? Why can't we have this?
  4. thecolin-

    Last Post Wins

    You think that I think, somebody would win anytime soon? Don't look down on people.
  5. thecolin-

    Last Post Wins

    Still can't seem to win though.
  6. thecolin-

    Last Post Wins

    Been almost a year, and this thread is still here. Noice.
  7. thecolin-

    Disregard This Thread

    Ok I can't find any right now; but we have actually seen an Aklato Prime picture published by DE and one from the team confirmed that they wouldn't be coming, at all. Probably a troll.
  8. thecolin-

    Pc Ash Prime Access: Carrier Prime Psa.

  9. thecolin-

    Tenno United Celebration: June 30 - July 6!

    ^ This Plus, Scindo skins as well, I mean, pleaseee.
  10. thecolin-

    Hotfix 16.8.3

  11. thecolin-

    Pc Breeding Grounds- Results!

    Lets go together mate.
  12. thecolin-

    Pc Breeding Grounds Psa

    Yeah, no. There is no way DE is going to give me that. I probably still have the highest total score, anyway.
  13. thecolin-

    Pc Breeding Grounds Psa

    Long @ss week though. On topic: Level cap bug was known by DE for months now.
  14. thecolin-

    Pc Breeding Grounds Psa

    Is this capped? Is this a tie event now?
  15. thecolin-

    Hotfix 13.8.3

    But you are not fixing the scores and I'm super demotivated by this. Is there going to anything about the score for the event?