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  1. I've been playing Warframe about 5 years, I'm not new to the game, and I'm not stupid.
  2. Do Syndicate Medallions have a limited usage time like Argon? If not then I have a problem. I had collected a total of 12 medallions spanning over 3 different syndicate missions a few days ago, Didn't turn them in because I had already reached my standing cap for the day. Was going to turn them in today.. but when I got to the relay to turn them in...... they don't exist in my inventory.
  3. Okay I guess that's fair. Still though, I'm of the mind that there are a LOT more important things to be worried about than the location of a Spy vs a disruption on one specific planet. Like iunno.. maybe fix some of the bugs with railjack when someone is spectating?
  4. It appears at the moment that Kappa and Kelpie (both on Sedna) traded mission types for some reason? like what? Kappa used to be a spy.. and I feel like Kelpie used to be the disruption.. now it's the other way around? Why? wtf was that about? why change that? I'm so confused. Like of all the things to change.. why.. that?
  5. I hate that this seems accurate. But thank you anyway. Also #*!% the orange man and his cult. c: ((It's funny tho cuz DE are Canadian))
  6. There's a big open space in the middle of this object and yet it's all one solid wall piece, why. this is stupid. you have people trying to build with it as an actual gate which is what it's called, why is it all solid?
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