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  1. I hate that this seems accurate. But thank you anyway. Also #*!% the orange man and his cult. c: ((It's funny tho cuz DE are Canadian))
  2. There's a big open space in the middle of this object and yet it's all one solid wall piece, why. this is stupid. you have people trying to build with it as an actual gate which is what it's called, why is it all solid?
  3. I picked a capture mission, I intend to do a capture mission NOT AN EXTERMINATE MISSION! WHY ORDIS?
  4. Then what the hell is the entire point of the system? like there's a whole SYSTEM DESIGNED to give you a higher percentage chance to get a rare reward if you upgrade the relic. WAHT THE HELL IS THE POINT OF THE SYSTEM IF IT DOESNT ACTUALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE
  5. Nah I still would cuz it's not worth it. Nah, cuz the fix I'm searching for is a thing to prevent four whole people in a full squad using the same relic from getting the same reward EVEN IF ITS THE RAREST REWARD nah bro.
  6. Listen I know RNG is hard, even for DE who based their whole game around it.. but like.. Why the hell isn't there a system to prevent four people using the same relic, ALL RADIANT GETTING THE LOWEST TIER REWARD FROM THAT RELIC AT THE SAME TIME!! There should be a system in place for both this and even if it's just two people using the same relic and not four. There's no reason the RNG should be so bad that it gives two people using RADIANT relics of the same type in the same mission the same LOW tier reward.
  7. Yep, I was on the sending side of this and it was bugging like this on my screen too.
  8. Fully and completely agree with this. Just have a both fully active and a fixed but inactive version of both
  9. But the grineer and corpus vent fan pieces still move, animate, and rotate tho.. and so does the corpus robot crusher teeth and stuff
  10. In Dojo decorations you can build the Entrati clock.. but like.. it doesn't rotate at any axis.. is there a way to MAKE it rotate? either way.. I feel like.. it should.. rotate animate or.. something. To clarify I mean the fully built and solid version of the clock, not the busted pieces, obviously.
  11. Yeah my whole suggestion, again, is not to get rid of nightwave completely, in fact I stated that in the beginning of the thread in the first place, Not getting rid of Nightwave, Just bringing back Alerts AS WELL, I've said this multiple times in this thread.. I really don't understand what peoples supposed problem with this suggestion even is?
  12. I'm sure this topic has already been visited by others, but I'm bringing it up anyway. Why the HELL is Loki the only statue available for the "hall of Honor" room, and why can't we choose a different frame statue? Like come on, you HAVE the technology to be able to have a different frame be the statue, as evidenced by the Mastery 30 people being able to change the rhino statue in Relays, Why the hell not make it like that or something for the "hall of honor" in dojos? why does it have to be loki? Not that I have a problem with loki, but like.. there are other frames that could be in that
  13. Hey Kat! <3 Good to see you, thanks for stopping by, also Agreed with the reply above being solid gold. Teljaxx knows what the #*!% they're talking about.
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