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  1. You also have to remember, the program was backed up by DE. They probably did not have the manpower to manage the thousands of needed volunteers in that case. Even one staff per 100 guides would be too much for staff, but also too little little for guides; which is about what it would have been like most likely.
  2. While this does sound like a good idea in theory, it also opens the the door all kinds of abusive or other undesirable behavior. People would just get the item(s) and just simply stop contributing most likely, other might use alt account to boost their points to get it faster, etc. If they did decide to add it, it'd have to be something that was maintained, and not simply earned to prevent a lot of it.
  3. Regarding Baruuk... Range Calculation for Elude is off. +75% range is showing up as 405 degrees, rather than 315. Elude requires 200% Range at max rank, where it caps at 360 degrees. As mentioned before, Desolate hands is 90% maximum, with a static 10% provided by each dagger. This however may benefit from a "Max Daggers given to Ally" stat being listed, which is always equal to 50% of Baruuk's maximum. Serene Storm's Damage reduction is also hard capped to 40%, with at least 60% Strength.
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