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About Me

Former Senior GotL.

I make long posts and post to just generally help people.

Pretty much, I care for the games I have interest in. Plotting ideas for the future and possible way to improve the "quality of life" aspects of them.

While I may not be a game dev, or programmer of any kind.. There are those things that will stick out as a bad system in a game and when they do, I'll try to think of a few solutions and probably making a thread for it. (like the things listed below.)

As for the systems I think currently need a change at the moment..
That would be the following:

List to be continued...

Some of my "work", if you want to call it that. Just a data table.

Weapon Table: (Not up to date for current patch)

Use the link if you want, or wish to use it as a blueprint for your own table. Info is way out of date, and am not managing it currently.

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