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  1. Tested: My Plague Kripath Zaw Polearm cannot USE the lower back holster position; it will preview correctly (if I soft select the holster style by single clicking on it) but as soon as I lock in my selection with 'Apply' it will holster it in the standard location using the standard animation. -DESPITE! labeling this lower-back holster. Suspected: Air attacks with said weapon are very short ranged, even with Primed Reach, compared to Claws without any reach. Is this real? Or is the hit box for polearm air attacks just funky and I am wiffing really badly.
  2. My Plague Kripath Polearm Zaw still cannot use the staff Lower-back OR Straight holster. When I go to preview it is previews correctly; but once selected uses the default holster. I used to be able to use these alt holsters; Deimos broke them.
  3. Zaw (Polearm) still unable to use any other holster than default. When selecting holster position will preview correctly; but upon selection will use default position ONLY.
  4. Staff Lower Back holster position still broken. Now previews correctly; but just puts it in default location if you confirm the lower back position.
  5. Staff Lower back holster does not work. (uses default position reference, animations)
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