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  1. Wow, amazing! But let me take this moment to commemorate the epic highlander battle that took place in Scarlet Spear 4. For many days, a ragtag group of noble strangers fought valiantly to keep the Flotilla instance alive. Even after the ability to trade with Little Duck vanished, we persevered. In the end, it was only myself and __jag__ who stood left fighting until the bitter end, forced to log out from this update. Strange things started taking place as Warframe's spaghetti code unraveld before our very eyes. The countdown timer of one year just suddenly stopped counting, at different points for each of us even. Somehow __jag__ got half-logged out, losing his ability to check profiles and rendered unable to spend his last few Nightwave Intermission creds, as the store just mentioned it's inability to load the vendor's wares. Only __jag__ was listed as a squad in the instance for some reason, we reasoned that maybe that led to his issues. Animations for me started to feel stuck, until we discovered that they just played very, very slowly. Performing a handshake left me stuck in place unable to move or press ESC for half an hour, entering Shawzin took almost 50 minutes. In the end, the outcome of this battle was not to be determined today. There can be only one, but at least for today, there still may be two as this battle ends in a draw. But let us not forget the other valiant warriors that we saw fall by our side: (apologies if I don't get all the details or names quite right here) DDarac, who came in sixth place, one of the only two others we could interact with. SiL3nC3., who like Bug_Eyes was listed in the Flotilla, but could never actually be seen by the rest of us, and was also silent in chat. Possibly stuck in Railjack loading, who knows. He came in fifth place. AR45H, who dropped out as fourth place in the morning of day two, I suppose he had other things to take care of. Bug_Eyes_19??, whose name I couldn't write down in time before he dropped without a word. Stuck in the same realm as SiL3NC3. and never actually seen in person in the Flotilla. Nevertheless, he placed third. And finally of course __jag__, who refused to quit day in day out, putting up a truly noble AFK fight and causing the draw today. Maybe next time there shall be a winner. Screenshots for proof below. Enjoy the update you guys! 😄
  2. Ah, yes, it's on the first planet not locked behind the star chart... Except you have to complete Vor's Prize, Saya's Vigil, Once Awake, The Archwing, Stolen Dreams, The New Strange, Natah, The Second Dream and The War Within. And also be at least MR5 (probably more like 15 at this point) and also have completed the Sedna Junction (which is the second to last Junction you can complete) in order to gain access to the Quills. So yeah, I guess you don't have to do Eris, but otherwise you still have to do basically the entire Star Chart to get access to the Quills. Like I said, the distinction between these Arcanes here really doesn't make much sense.
  3. How about go play Eidolons? The whole reason these Arcanes are even offered was the change from 3 to 5 ranks (requiring 11 more copies of the same Arcane) and them not wanting to increase grind, since now you would have to grind twice just to get the thing you thought you already had. So why do this for almost all of the warframe Arcanes except for these 5?
  4. Pax and Exodia Arcanes were not changed to have 5 ranks now and require an extra 11 copies. Magus should technically also be offered but I can somewhat understand not having them since they are a completely different type of Arcane. Steve said he didn't want to increase grind, which is the whole reason these Arcanes are even offered in the first place, so people can get their previous rank 3's to rank 5 now. But if you're offering almost all the Arcanes you can equip on warframes, why exclude exactly these 5? At least be consistent and offer all of the warframe Arcanes if Magus will not be offered at all...
  5. The wording to me sounded like they were adding all the Arcanes that you could equip on a warframe. Which includes the Arbitration ones. The statement that none of the Arbitration Arcanes got a buff is also a lie. Blade Charger: 20% chance for 200% damage for 8 sec -> 30% chance for 300% damage for 12 sec Bodyguard: 6 melee kills in 30s for 600 health -> 900 health Pistoleer: 30% chance for 100% ammo efficiency for 4 sec -> 60% chance for 102% ammo efficiency for 12 sec Primary Charger: same as Blade Charger, buffed to 30% for 300% for 12 Tanker: on Archgun equip 1200 armor for 16 sec -> 1200 armor for 60 sec
  6. Why would not adding Arbitration Arcanes give people more reason to play Eidolons? All the Eidolon Arcanes are currently available from Little Duck...
  7. Zaw and Kitgun Arcanes were not changed to require 5 ranks. Operator I would technically agree but I can somewhat understand not including them since they are a completely different type of Arcane, but Arbitration Arcanes are the same Arcane. Why exclude exactly those 5 from the list of warframe Arcanes just because you get them somewhere else? Especially since the wording suggested they had added all warframe Arcanes.
  8. Yes, still no sense since the reason for even offering Arcanes in the first place was the big rework making every Arcane have 5 ranks now and thus require 11 more if you had one maxed before. These offerings were made so that people could catch up on unexpected grind. If you already had energize maxed before, you don't need to grind for it twice. Why are Arbitration Arcanes excluded from that principle? So Eidolon Arcanes don't need to grind twice but Arbitrations do? Where is the sense in that? They made a big rework and this event was supposed to be the big equalizer, but things are not equal. Why?
  9. Interesting, thanks. Also is it known why the Arbitration Arcanes are still not available from Little Duck? Patch 27.3.8 said this: Which made it sound like ALL Arcanes were added. But they weren't. There's still 5 rare Arcanes left to add (Blade Charger, Bodyguard, Pistoleer, Primary Charger, Tanker). Why are they excluded? If there is a particular reason and this reason is known, can anyone link me to a statement from DE explaining this discrepancy? Otherwise please add these Arcanes DE, this makes no sense right now. People that had a rank 3 in one of those 5 still need 11 more like anyone else now to max it.
  10. That's like, the whole point of Rivens. You make the bad good. The whole problem with Rivens was that they initially (and in some cases still now) made the good even better without having a relevant effect on the bad.
  11. nice name ;D Also is it known why the arbitration arcanes are still not available from little duck? The last patch stated: Which made it seem like all of them were added, but they weren't. There's still 5 rare arcanes left to add (Blade charger, Bodyguard, Pistoleer, Primary Charger, Tanker). Why are they excluded? If there is a particular reason and it is already known, can someone link me to a statement by DE explaining the reasoning? If not, please add these arcanes this makes no sense otherwise.
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