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  1. I feel somewhat cheated; but this is what I get not waiting a few more days... for a random change/fix/increase. At least people who haven't farmed yet are getting a lot more. Good thing I don't care about %'s of damage. Good luck everyone with these new changes, may your farm be shorter than mine was
  2. Yep. We're supposed to take the Helminth Changes on the chin, we gotta take the loss I guess peeps. They're not compensating us.
  3. Exactly what I am talking about. It's so unfair and stupid, we need some compensation for all frames being subsumed. Especially for us that FARMED and DID NOT PURCHASE. Harrow, Nidus, Khora, Sevagoth, Trinity, (and the ones you have to redeem from Simaris) Titania, Inaros, Atlas, Mirage, Limbo an all those frames. we need compensation, recourse refund, affinity head start, maybe start us ar Helminth Level 12-13? No instant level up is absolute Bull💩. unless we are as I said... Expected to just take it on the chin with all the stuff we wasted, expected to waste more. When we could've just stopped when it was at 10, because there were no hints, or points at a level increase. it's unfair to those (like me) who are completionists, who like having everything done in the game, put the time and effort into doing such things. Then something is added or removed, and no one gets compensation. the only times I remember anything of compensation, is when Recourses were nerfed in requirement for the Railjack. For us who played the Raids before they were removed. Those are the only 2 times I remember compensation. please... Give us who farmed our way to having EVERY current Helminth warframe ability available. (All Frames Subsumed)
  4. So, to those of us who Subsumed EVERY SINGLE FRAME (currently, ending off with Sevagoth, since SoP isn't out yet) aren't getting any compensation? Any xp, levels or anything towards the 5 extra levels of Helminth. So basically we have to take it on the chin, that we wasted the recourses building/buying the frames to subsume. The wait times, the farming, we are supposed to literally take it on the chin and waste MORE recourses, just to get the levels we should already have, since there was no warning of a level increase; to make us hold off on subsuming... At least give us some kind of compensation, I feel hecked off for this, let alone all the nerfs, and "buffs" coming to the arsenal. it's literally unfair, but I guess that's what the game is coming to now. The best thing to do anymore with the game, is to play 3 days of the new update, and hold off on anything that will be changed, increased, buffed, nerfed or decreased in the next update.
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