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  1. Actually, I haven't seen any of my prefect captures show up in there, which leads me to the deduction that in order to "heal" a cat/dog, they need to be weakened(lie on the ground when you capture them), otherwise you just get tags for the healthy animal you provide, but not the animal itself since it does not need treatment. I may be wrong but so far my testing has not proven my hypothesis false.
  2. Sir, you do realize that the token mechanic , albeit enabling the requirement for you to do the conservation, also enables grinding tokens in advance, something you cannot do with standing. Some people don't have 6 hours a day minimum to play, for people that work long and late shifts its easier to stockpile the tokens for a week ahead in their off day and just login and dump them, without disrupting their schedule. The system IS convenient. I understand it may be annoying to hunt animals, I personally do not completely approve of the tag costs for Son tokens, especially when it wants 6 tag
  3. That only makes sense if it is something that can be perpetually crafted/done. Formas can be crafted indefinetely as lon as you have the blueprints to do so, making it a daily thing. Subsuming warframes is not exactly like that, there is a limited number of them. The system is not exactly designed for you to unlock it and chain dump every basic frame each day. I understand your unending desire to have all the subsumed abilities in less than 2 months, I really do, but the thing is not designed to be like crafting forma. If there was a benefit of subsuming the same frame over and over, the
  4. Would like to try it but the update borked my launcher, now the images are bigger resolution and i cant see the Play button... NICE Any help will be appreciated.
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