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  1. I can imagine that. However, earlier I referenced randoms, when you play with friends you can make Infinite Synergy and do 6 hour survivals if you want to. It can be beautiful and glorious but it needs diversity for it to spark.
  2. "..so if there is 4 saryns and everyone is spamming miasma we don't even have to move." Now That must be very fun...... remember old Ember? Ye 4 Embers could do that, the old ones, that is WHY they got nerfed. I am not searching for synergy with 4 Saryns, I am pointing out how Ridiculous it is that it is a thing! Also, I have not, for the love of the almighty, seen 4 random Saryns do anything other than fight like caveman in chat, yet alone cooperate, but that is just my experience.
  3. All this is about smth that Pablo said, now I've watched his streams and he regularly spews "I wanna nerf this i wanna nerf that" kind of stuff, but still it is not official, he is not at work, so it does not matter. I don't get why Yall get so worked up over this. What is the deal? It is First not confirmed and Second actually needed. Tell me , when you go in ESO on public with randoms, and they all are Saryn, how the hell are you spreading your spores? That's right you can't, because enemies affected by the spores of one Saryn can't get infected by the ones from another. Sooo first Saryn wins, right? Wrong! If one does find untouched freshly spawned group of enemies they can make their own cluster of spores, segmenting the total enemy count into inefficient state where spores do not ramp as fast as they should, because they have less viable enemies to latch to. All this, the mere fact that it is possible to get randomly matched with 3 more of the same frame speaks for itself, hell even just 3 Saryns will start fighting in chat..... even 2....... even 1 who thinks just because he is with Saryn everyone MUST stand still and receive xp/affinity at his mercy, for the rest are forbidden to kill ANY stuff. You saw what they did with Catchmoon right? It is not a punishment, it is a reminder that the lack of diversity leads to nerfs. It is a reminder that JUST CUZ something is "Meta" doesn't mean it is the only thing to use. In fact, I am pretty well sure, most of you "Saryn Mains" that are soo god damn butthurt, copied the builds you are using from some Youtube video titled something like "Saryn - ESO Goddess/Queen" and did not even think to realize Saryn Prime does not need 2 Umbral Forma to be super powerful, one maybe but not 2, I even have one on her, but i do not play with spores&4 setup. What is your issue here, Saryn IS overused. You, yes YOU, by your own volition put all that Forma on her, be it 1 or 2 Umbrals (i am pretty sure there is someone with 3 umbral formas on a Saryn having a stroke now). It was YOU that jumped on the bandwagon, nobody made you, and if someone comes at me with smth like "But DE made us play it cuz they made her powerful!!!!" - so? they are going to fix it now 😉 As a final thought I will like to add that, no, Saryn is not the only frame that can casually reach Zone 8 ESO solo, in fact, there is a very small number of frames that cannot, so don't be a monkey, use your head.
  4. I don't think the Lighting issue is bound to just the Orbiter. Have you tried Aim-gliding in Fortuna with High Dynamic Range on? It is White! Loading screen in mission of any type is also overexposed/bright as looking directly in the sun with magnifying glass. The Wukong Prime Diorama in the Market also appears with a White filter on top, a result of probably Light issue. Please check the source of this, for the sake of the eyes of everybody
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