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  1. And the orphix venom offerings for Father when will those be added ?
  2. Only option is to start fresh for now :)
  3. I think they should do like they did during the halloween one where everything costed mother tokens just make everything cost the lowest bond that way alot more folks could get stuff....It took me forever to get Family bonds to get my standing to old mate so I'm prolly not going to grind for more of those.
  4. Might want to address the rarity of the Family Bonds....
  5. @[DE]DanielleTurning on the Steel Path toggle shows the event can be done in Steel Path mode is this a bug ?
  6. Grendel is a really great frame, yeah takes a little practice but overall extremely enjoyable. I personally am so looking forward to his prime.
  7. my opinion but I think the prime is much more attractive, not because of the rarity I just find his model clean and not busy looking.
  8. The twitter does say "harmonious prime access reveal" ......
  9. Very very soon. Prolly be something about it on Friday's devstream.
  10. Might as well ask (with humor) when is the hildryn nerf happening ?
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