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  1. Idk if its a bug or not I sent ticket but having completed Iso Vaults is not unlocking the Arcana Vaults for me....maybe I did something wrong lol
  2. 42 here and nah never to old to enjoy yourself :)
  3. Issue is acolyte auto scanned into codex on steel path, uhm look at codex it shows its alive low on health its preventing other acolyte scans not sure how to describe as I cannot upload photos.
  4. What might be garbage to you may not be for another......
  5. Even with the bloom turned off this still happens.
  6. Getting the corpus variant of kuva lich so will prolly get corpus and grineer mech variants sometime later
  7. Probably sometime next month :) I'm sure they will have a lot of fixes before it comes to console.
  8. Seems to be pretty slow but they are doing all from home :) Now they need to increase ship space lol
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