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  1. Some of the changes are really good, but some are not that great but maybe these are just place holders that get changed after a while. I am curious but will wait to try them when they hit.
  2. Its red squares for me today yesterday it was a purple pink color and half a map was blue and pink. Any news on fixes for this ?
  3. Sweeper and Deconstructor are really very good 🙂
  4. uhm I never look at warframes in that way ….
  5. I agree I thought she would have also but I guess they decided since she already has artemis it wouldn't make sense, I'm now wondering who will have those two.
  6. You can eat the pets but that particular Grendel is just nasty..
  7. Corinth Prime would be awesome. There are older weapons that are waiting in line for their chance to shine 🙂
  8. Stalker mode just sounds like bully and griefer mode to me. Maybe put it in a conclave type area but I see this being used in a negative way.
  9. Very poor Thrall spawn rate....that alone is what I am finding very discouraging
  10. The Palladino option would be really nice to have, would be willing to pay for the service or even do a favor type mission for her.
  11. I'll pick up that Ivara Graxx skin when it hits switch.
  12. Colors and textures are still breaking off and on.
  13. Forma is always welcomed here 🙂 Looking forward to watching the show.
  14. Can't wait for this one 🙂 Instabuy from me 😄
  15. I noticed this yesterday, some do and then some don't drop it.
  16. Is the "In Ma Bell" glyph just offered this one time or is it going to be a regular offering ?
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