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  1. Passive- Connection Broken Warframe connects to your operator giving it abilities based off you focus school. Vazarin- health regeneration. Zenurik- energy regeneration. Maduria- below half health deal more damage. Naramon- below 10% health explosion knocks down enemy's near you. Unairu- below half health resist some damage. First ability- Surpress Broken Warframe sends out energy and mind waves to enemies in front of it sending enemies to their knees because of broken warframes painful memories. Second ability- Blink Teleports teleports broken Warframe a short distance. Third ability- Liberation Shoots tentacles out from it's core healing Broken Warframe. Deals more damage in heels broken Warframe or 4 enemies under suppress. Fourth ability- Configure Broken Warframe configures its Warframe parts into exalted equipment to use for any situation. Ember and Volt Plasma Cannon- Shoots radioactive blast of energy. Nekros and Oberon Scythe- Slices through enemies and heals Broken Warframe. Rhino and Frost Armor- Reduces damage and emitts a cold aura slowing down enemies near broken Warframe. (I like all of these exalted equipment and I would love for them to be able to be cycled through giving the player more choices in different situations.)
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