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  1. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  2. My Philosophy with planning these powers are based on Warframe Programming and Hardware errors since warframes are biological war machines and thus have interior systems . Passive: Faulty Wiring: Chance on hitting an enemy with your weapons Has a 10% to add a Heat & Electricity proc. First ability:Void Breakdown: Fire out a homing bolt of chaining energy that deals 15% of the enemies base health pool once, and reduces a base stat of the enemies based on faction type. Drain: 25 energy per cast. Damage: 15% of base health . (cannot be increased by any mods and cannot) Chain distance: 5m. (cannot be increased by any mods) De-buff types are as follows: Reduced armor for grineer by 15% for 10 seconds. Reduced shields for corpus by 15% for 10 seconds. Reduced health for infested by 15% for 10 seconds. Reduced damage for corrupted by 15% for 10 seconds. Disrupt adaption on sentients for 3 seconds. Second ability:Shattered Casing: The broken warframe breaks parts of his outer casing, reducing his armor but raising his weapon damage, and reveals the inside of the warframe; this causes homing void energy to flow out and seek enemies. Drain: 25 energy per cast Duration: 25 seconds Armor reduction: 10% (cannot be affected by mods) Damage increase: 50% Void Bolt damage: 500 Heat & Electricity damage Third Ability:Energetic Reroute: You Reroute your void energy to your allies increasing their energy pools and armor; Due to the warframe being partially functional you can grant them an additional buff that is only random. Drain: 25 energy per cast Armor buff: 100 points of additional armor Energy pool reduction: 10% Ally energy pool buff: 10% Duration: 20 seconds Ally buffs include: 1. Energy Flow: Ally energy regeneration is increased by 1 point per second for 20 seconds. 2 Void Outbreak: Void bolts leak out of ally warframe targeting enemies dealing 200 heat & 200 electricity damage for 20 seconds. 3. Circuit Breaker: Ally weapons has a 10% chance to deal heat and Electricity procs for 20 seconds. 4. Limit Overload: Allies gain 10% critical damage for 20 seconds. Forth Ability: Integer Overflow: The Broken Warframe cuts his Health by 30% to Buff His allies Power Strength,duration,efficiency, or range, only one of these buffs may be selected at a time' The buff stays active until this power is turned off. Drain: none (it reduced health until turned off) Ability buff: 25%
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