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  1. yah thats the worst bug yet and they didnt get it
  2. @[DE]Megan anyword on the offline bug?
  3. people appear offline and some friends ik who arnt offline wanna play with me but cant cause this bug
  4. Friends cant play with me cause they're offline or im offline
  5. can you guys check out the coil drive, they dont really work...
  6. Can we do something about how i have all weapons but im only getting worse upgrades, this makes me not wanna touch the system at all, as there is no reason to go in now other then the chance to get a slightly better version of what i have already. can we get stuff like kuva, endo, or let the lower % weapons fuse into the better one adding around 5-10% more. because i have no reason to go after a kuva tonkor thats worse then the one i have since it wont help me at all in any way.
  7. @[DE]Bear Does DE have any plans to do anything about weapons with worse up-grades like getting a 20% kuva kohm after having a 50% kuva kohm? because i have no reason to go out of my way to get that kohm other then getting the lich out of my way and retry again. We tenno have lives too and we feel like our time isnt being valued here.
  8. Im still not getting relic rewards when in a kuva rescue flood
  9. ALSO make it so larvalings can spawn since i've seen people have issues, and a friend hasnt gotten one in a while @[DE]Megan
  10. Can the valence transfer allow weaker weapons to buff stronger ones, since i have a stubba thats weaker then the one i wanna keep, i feel like i wasted hours to get the 2nd one
  11. he's right you know, maybe get some kuva for helping on a lich or something nice like that.
  12. @[DE]Megan Does this "duplicate consumption" weapon mechanic allow you to "consume" a weapon of the same type but has a different element, Or does it need to be 100% the same type and element? For example Kuva seer A is a Heat weapon, but Kuva seer B is a magnetic weapon, would the Magnetic Seer still add to the Heat Seers % bonus or no?
  13. kuva floods still arnt giving the relic
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