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  1. Wehter pc or xbox, im ok as long as no one flushes the resources from the refinery before we're even mostly done- my advice is to build what we need and have good stockups THEN you can flush stuff away into everyones inventory. Outside that go apeshyte- dont think anything else bad can happen outside OOPS i just refunded the stuff we needed to put out fires XD
  2. I pray that someone at DE sees this and rather than archiving it to stop the topic from gaining traction, they fix this issue- not only for me but for every clan owner! First of all I'd like to say as the owner of the Netoku Embasy clan- winner of this year's Autumn Dojo Contest Silver award- I'm unbelievably happy that we won the contest and will have a chance to finally grow as a clan thanks to highlight clans- ( not gonna lie it's basically like dark sectors how clans would use them to advertise ) With the award also comes platinum- and for silver, we won 4000p for our Dojo. Quite alot of things we could do with that plat decor wise- but there's a catch: You can only use Dojo plat to speed up builds / rooms As the head decorator for my Dojo i was thrilled to have platinum in excess to remodel our clan to amazing levels- but I cant due to this issue Idk if it's an oversight on DE's or if I'm just expecting more insight into Dojos when it comes to clans, but that 4 thousand Platinum is next to useless for my clan as well as any other winning clans this and last year. Again i'm very greatful that we won but atm this is basically worthless- a taunting high number we will never need. Unless you're a Moon clan you're unlikely to ever need thousands of plat to rush decorations or rooms. The fact that there is A use does not mean it's a valid excuse to say it's ok as it is however and ignore the issue- more directed at parts of warframe community that like to white knight when issues or large community disagreements arise. Lastly- I'm hoping that speaking about this doesn't just get me banned for speaking against the design of Dojo platinum- I'm being critical but not trying to be an arse. Please fix this as soon as possible- It's already ruined my evening finding out that i was basically given 4000 imaginary chances for my clan's Dojo to improve. ~Esper sparks96
  3. not gonna lie- really feel like staff are hugely biased with statues i'd say 7-8/10 of every clan that wins has a dragon or serpent statue- or sometimes a mech statue. Usually on their spawn room. not saying this because i've lost the contest 4 times now but wont lie- im still salty after all the hard work my clans put in at times gets beat by empty clans or notoriously toxic ones.
  4. thank god more people are having this issue When i try to do fissure missions i get stuck in finding squad seemingly forever- first time thats been an issue for me sometimes i get lucky but i have to wait like 5 mins for it to sit there for maybe MAYBE let me do a mission- and no one even joins me. If i do a normal mission i dont squad with players- it just shoves me into the mission immediately without trying to find squad. No one has joined me for that either. I cant invite players even after restarting the game or even xbox. I REALLY needed to farm relics for ducats for baro's decor- but guess that's not happening unless i slowly grind through lith!
  5. well you're going to win immediately Step 1 make a statue especially a serpent or dragon step 2 grofit
  6. Clan name: Netoku Embasy Clan tier: Shadow Clan platform: Xbox One Clan role: Founder & Decorator Hope staff enjoys my clan today ❤️ This is our 4th attempt to win the contest, hopefully everything peaks your interests! The Grand Hall Shrine The Throne room Movie Theater ( The Netoku Embasy theatron ) Themed Labs : Tenno & Infested Themed labs : Grineer and Corpus Event and themed rooms ( To save viewers time I'll be compiling some of the other rooms you can find in our Dojo as one last huge collage ) There area few other rooms I REALLY wanted to show you all, Like the Arcade, Bank Of Sol and so on, but either due to bad angles to show off builds or constraints I have to let these be. Hoping our little clan wins after our 4th try ❤️
  7. Since the drydock has npc's in the room, can you make that a feature for every dojo room? placable npc's to fill your dojo with life- since even a spaceship isnt likely going to keep more than 1 person in our dojos for 5 minutes. Also somachord music for dojo room theme ambience would be nice ( playing vors prize i na grineer station room would be cool )
  8. Can we get these following features added into our Clan Dojos some time?: Aquarium room: Able to place our fish in a large tank that we've caught just like how we can in our personal Quarters. Could even have custom aquarium themes or themed plantlife in the tanks. Conservation Zoo / Conservation room: We have 1-3 rooms inside this room that lets us place animals we've captured into them- we could purchase an animal with collected tags, increasing in cost with a clan rank and some resources to put one animal in. It would work like the little Vallis observation room with the two Verminks playing together. Somachord music playing in Rooms: Being able to add ambience to rooms for extra theming would be absolutely amazing! Going to your room's door panel and accessing songs to play in the room either youve unlocked or are funded in the dojo. Imagine having March of the Moa playing ina corpus gallion themed room?! NPC Props in Dojo Rooms: Having npc's standing or maybe even walking around your dojo to give it more life and a bit of roleplay feeling to your rooms! Grineer relaxing in a barracks, Corpus working on computers and panels, Relay npc's chatting with eachother or wandering around and Vallis / Cetus npc's setting shops in your little themed rooms. Adds alot of life and story telling to the Dojos as well!! Orokin Lab - Solar rails and Regimens: With Empyrian, could we possibly have Solar rails and rail wars added back to dark sectors? These wre fun for active clans and would be perfect to add back in or maybe rework and add back in before Empyrian comes out. I really hope you read my message guys ❤️ Feel free to upvote if you wanna help get these features some attention everyone ~Esper sparks, leader of the 2 year old Netoku Embasy Clan
  9. still dont see they point of having a contest for something that isnt even finished yet. We cant save songs ( specifically more than 1 song ), we cant change bindings for console and i assume pc as well, and we cant share music on consoles- only pc; PLUS we cant share songs with more than 100 notes, something common songs outside twinkle twinkle would generally have! I love the shawzin as a concept but right now it's really annoying to use, so much so that the community made auto scripts and other things to actually enjoy it to it's fullest since we cant yet with what you've given us. Community give me all the hate you want im going to voice myself and actually criticize this instrument. Its not garbage but it's not good.
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