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  1. I have a lot of solid kavats of various sizes and shapes for sale. "Solid" means that the kavat has the same color in all of its four fur slots, and that it is natural (not colored with a masking kit). Full list can be seen below. The prices shown are per 2 imprints together.
  2. Welcome, Tenno! Back in 2018 I made a table showcasing various Kavat energy colors (which I shared on Warframe subreddit). A couple of months passed by, and eventually the members of a pet-themed Warframe discord server that I'm a part of have discovered that there is, in fact, not 9 but 14 different energies (15 after The Old Blood update). The only logical move was to expand the table with missing colors and also include other helpful examples. This table has been completely redone in the course of the last 6 months, with well over 200 screenshots taken to fill it up. I would like to thank the mods and members of the Warframe Kubrow & Kavat Breeders discord server for helping me collect all the necessary Kavats - I would have never completed this table without your help! (You can find a higher resolution image of this table here. Enjoy!) __________________________________ A bit of explaination: What is this table even for? This color table has been made for players to help them identify their Kavat's energy color. Does the color affect damage type like it does for Chroma? No, kavat's energy color is a purely cosmetic thing. What's the point of all these columns? There are many ways one can check a Kavat's energy color, which is why I tried to include as many examples as possible. Invati Sekhara is a badge awarded to the players who have completed at least one Trial (before their removal in Update 22.14). It's animated, and pulses with your cat's energy color. Ki'Teer Sekhara is a badge that can be bought from the Void Trader, Baro Ki’Teer, for 400 Ducats and 200k Credits. Baro's inventory changes every two weeks, and he may not always have it for sale. The badge looks like a spinning rhombus with energy sparkles flashing all around it. Moonless Pattern is a special skin that makes your companion look like a feral Kavat. It can be bought from Master Teasonai, who resides in Cetus. Deaeira Pattern is one of many Kavat fur patterns that can be bought on the Market, except it's the only one that shows cat's energy color through the glowing spots on the sides. It costs 55 Platinum. Normal Eye is simply the eye of your Kavat. Tail Color shows the energy as it appears on a glowing spots of your cat's tail. This particular tail is commonly called "peacock". There are 3 other tails that can show the energy color, but peacock is the most clear one, so to say. Invisibility, can easily be seen with Ivara's Prowl or Loki's Invis. Territorial Aggression is a Kavat mod that pacifies nearby wild creatures, forcing them to not attack for up to 15 seconds. A big visible energy sphere spawns when the ability is proc'd (to indicate its range), and it shines with Kavat's energy color. Sense Danger is a Kavat-exclusive mod that allows the companion to emit a sonar wave that marks enemies on the mini map, as well as making them glow with the Kavat's energy color for a short time.
  3. I made these kavat and kubrow gingerbread cookies for this year's christmas 🎄 i've modeled and 3D printed custom cookie cutters in the shape of cookie glyphs from the game 😀 (on a side note - DE, please, if you made official cookie cutters i would love you forever)
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