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  1. Hello, I would like to report a bug that I found recently. It regards Smeeta's Charm mod, or the incorrect tag name of one of the buffs. During missions when the cat gives you a buff that lasts 120 seconds it is quite obvious that it's either going to be an Affinity buff or Double Pickup buff. However, in the past months I've noticed my Smeeta not giving the latter buff at all. Later, I found out that it is because both buffs are incorrectly named within the game - if you're given Double Pickup buff, a tag under it shows "Affinity" instead. Screenshots below demonstrate it:
  2. They don't appear in the inventory but you can view and select them just fine when in trade menu (during trading)... though I see why that could be annoying. DE pls fix
  3. I got three Kubrows for sale - they're excellent mixing material if you're trying to get some nice combos with rare fur colors on your new Kubrow. All the necessary info is included in the screenshots themselves, but if you have more questions then don't hesitate to ask 😀 Kubrow #1, double rare athletic Raksa, rare purple in primary and rare navy in tertiary, price: 100p Kubrow #2, double rare athletic Raksa, rare purple in primary and secondary, price: 150p Kubrow #3, double rare bulky Sahasa, Merle pattern (which is as rare as Lotus), rare orange in secondary and terti
  4. TYPE: In-Game, Trading, Companions DESCRIPTION: Unable to trade Vulpaphyla imprints. VISUAL: I'm getting an error message ("Failed to make offer.") then I'm trying to put a Vulpaphyla imprint up on offer when trading. When I hit "OK" button it removes the imprint from my offering list. I am unable to trade infested companion imprints at all. I haven't tried with Predasites, but I assume they're affected by the error as well. I first encountered this bug on 26th of November. REPRODUCTION: Take imprints from any Vulpaphyla companion, then go to dojo and trade them to any player.
  5. Are you sure you didn't hit "begin random incubation" by accident?
  6. Hi! I would like to report a bug that makes imprints of infested pets untradable. I tried to trade Vulpaphyla imprints today, but when I selected them and hit "Make Offer" button I was instead greeted with this message: ...after which the imprint I put up on offer disappeared from the list. I sincerely hope this bug gets fixed quick, as I wanted to sell my infested pets imprints that I've made in the past few days. Right now the only thing I can do with them is use in mixing/breeding... and nothing else.
  7. Before you're able take imprints of your infested pet, you first need to: max level them gild and name (for 5k standing and 10 Son tokens) I managed to cure my Vulpaphyla by taking its imprint when it was infected, which ended up giving me a Vasca Kavat imprint. Sadly I can't use it further, which is a bit of a shame
  8. Hello! I would like to bring this to DE's attention that the Vasca Kavat Starter Kit, which can be bought in the Market, does not contain a Companion Slot. Before the Stasis (Pet Incubator) overhaul, the mentioned bundle used to give one Stasis Slot. However, after that it was completely removed from the bundle, but hasn't been replaced with the "new" Companion Slot. I would be really, really happy if this bug was corrected 🥺 Additionally, the bundle contains only one Genetic Code Template. It would also be nice to instead have 3 Genetic Code Templates in the bundle, since we ca
  9. I tried to use Look Link recently to try to determine my Kubrow's natural fur colors... I'm saddened to learn it doesn't work anymore. Look Link was a great tool for many pet breeders when it came to confirming rare fur colors on their pets. Now we're back to eyeballing it, which is not precise, and quite annoying. Please DE, I beg you, bring back the old item list in Look Link.
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