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  1. not gonna lie... you have excellent selection of kavats for mixing πŸ˜€ that said, i would like to buy another cat from you, this one:
  2. no rare colors, no rare patterns.... they're worth only about 50p each πŸ€” i suggest you look up a pricing guide, it's somewhere on the forums
  3. Welcome, Tenno! I'm a pet breeder - I make kavats and kubrows of all kinds, and have been doing that for the past 2 years. I'm offering a lot of nice pets for sale, the full list in form of imgur album can be found here. My prices are roughly based on @morningstar999's guides for pricing kubrow imprints and kavat imprints. If you are merely looking for mastery fodders, please check warframe.market instead. However, If you are interested in one of my better looking kavats/kubrows from the list above, drop me a comment/DM here. I will try to reply as fast as I can! Notice: I always sell imprints in pairs! I don't sell imprints separately. The prices listed are per both imprints together (of a single pet). __________________________________________________________________________________________ ❖ πŸ’Žβœ¨πŸˆ NATURALLY SOLID KAVATS πŸ’Žβœ¨πŸˆ ❖ [New Arrival!] ORCHID, the solid Hyacinth Blue Smeeta, tufted ears, arrow tail, pink energy ---> 800p ALLIUE, the solid Anti Moa Purple Smeeta, tufted ears and arrow tail, lilac energy ---> 550p VERBENA (Alliue's twin sibling) the solid Anti Moa Purple Smeeta, tufted ears, arrow tail, silver energy ---> 550p
  4. I'm looking for a kavat with specific traits: 1. (mandatory) Mesa Yellow primary fur slot 2. (mandatory) Mesa Yellow secondary fur slot 3. (optional) Mesa Yellow tertiary fur slot 4. (mandatory) tufted ears and peacock tail show me what you got - please include the price!
  5. I have tested TA just a moment ago - it works as intended: pacifying kavats so that they stand in one place and don't jump around for a few seconds. The energy field is showing up as well.
  6. Hi! I have this smeeta for sale, pink energy color, 200p
  7. Hi! I might have what you need πŸ˜€ please confirm how much are you willing to pay - is it 400p for both imprints of one cat, or two cats?
  8. I have four adarza kavats for sale. Each cat goes for 150p Edit: no more cats to sell
  9. dude no, kavat's natural fur colours stay the same. it's saved onto imprints. this here is a natural gold kavat that has Mesa Yellow in all four fur slots. read more here to educate yourself.
  10. Mesa Yellow is available through the Market, along with all the other natural kavat colors (from genetic masking kits)
  11. WTS this full natural gold Smeeta kavat with tufted ears, peacock tail, and cyan energy - 1000p aaaaand SOLD! that was quick Platform: PC IGN: KaliVasquez
  12. They do spawn! However they become completely invisible, as if cloacked (probably because they spawn unalerted). Read more here:
  13. tried to farm kavat codes last weekend. both boosters, a smeeta, synthesis scanner, ballistica prime... i still kept getting less than 10 per run. i make a lot of kavats as a hobby, but now it feels more like hell DE, i beg you... fix this bug asap
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