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  1. Is orange energy a must? I believe i still have this Adarza kavat for sale, but its energy is yellow:
  2. I'm looking for triple rare bulky kubrows with lotus pattern for a friend. The breed should be Huras or Raksa (or both if you have them). Please post a screenshot of your kubrow below so I can see it first 😃 This is an example of what triple rare bulky lotus looks like:
  3. There's no division into "1st imprint" and "2nd imprint". It doesn't matter which order you put your imprints in for a new incubation, all that matters is what info those imprints have inside them. If an imprint from parent #1 is a Chesa, and imprnt from parent #2 is a Sunika, then the offspring has 50% chances of being a Chesa and 50% of being a Sunika. But if, for example, both parents have lotus fur pattern, then their offspring has 100% to be a lotus. Same rules apply for energy colours, fur colours, and body types.
  4. Prices below are for both imprints (together). Please DM me or write a comment if you're interested. 1 - 160p 2 - 140p 3 - 100p 4 - 100p 5 - 130p 6 - 130p 7 - 120p 8 - 130p 9 - 150p
  5. Can pets (kubrows, kavats) get a special mod that makes them not attack enemies at all, so that all they do is just following us around? In exchange for more armor/health/shield, for example
  6. Here's something small I drew recently. I wish persian faced kavats had ears like this... they would be 100% more cute.
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