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  1. Unless you have discussed and agreed with the other squad members on how long you plan to play for, they are not leaving early.
  2. Toggle option to get rid of the pelt. No pelt, no scream. Fine. No big. Press button to gain buff (no more stupidity of rocketing or glaiving your feet) cmon, trin got nerfed of self damage.....and rhino doesnt go in for the self torture....
  3. Good for clearing long jump on grineer spy (one where you can sneak past drones and go round the back) Brilliant fun for dash tossing grineer into geyser pond in the plains
  4. PoE was a huge jump, more stuff like that would be great. Also opening up arcanes to anyone was a brilliant and appreciated move. DE are doing really well at keeping the game moving forward. I would like to see a couple Eidolon bugs addressed tho, partcularly the not reloading, cant use operator and the teleport issues.
  5. The Dera has a unique feel to it. Solid weapon imo.
  6. Somethings definitely changed. I was hitting an enemy that looked just like any other but saw that he was tough, so i thought this must be a target, got out scanner and sure enough it was the icon popped up. But no indication before bringing out scanner, no word from simaris, no obvious blue or glow. Not even the do not damage him further.
  7. Im having fun with her in the onslaught mode. I find im just using the cat and the dome. Dome works amazing in that mode. Im running a kinda gladiator build for now with the new dual swords, they are strong. So im just running around high critting melee only, popping dome or cat and just letting them do their thing while i runaround some more. No real synergy, but fun.
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