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  1. So uhh. When will you guys send a hotfix? Now the launch browser is all bugged. If I only knew how to post a print screen, I could show you how desperatly this hotfix is needed.
  2. Thank the stars. Not it made it too soon. XD
  3. Hey [DE]Megan, could you look at this and show to the others? I would like this fixed pls.
  4. Hm. So nothing was solved until now. Damn it. How am i gonna enjoy Cephalon Cy dialogues until something is done?! Man i hope they fix this soon
  5. Every time a character speaks on the communication, radio or even the NPCs in Fortuna or Cetus, their dialogue is immediately cutted. Does anyone has this problem or had it before? If so, how do i solve it? I just got Cephalon Cy and can't hear his dialogues.
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