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  1. Wisp looks really great, and I'm looking forward to playing as her. The design of her 4th power kinda stings though, from the perspective of an Ember main. Ember's 1, 3, and 4 are pretty weak, and - frankly- visually underwhelming compared to a lot of the newer warframes. I was wishing Ember would get a power like what Wisp is getting for her 4. Like I said, nothing against Wisp. It just feels bad that Ember feels like she's been left to languish at pretty much every stage of the game, and now the new Warframe gets what could've been the centerpiece of an Ember rework, all while Ember's been left without a word of good news since the unnecessary nerf last year. I just wish this would at least get addressed soon. It's frustrating to keep going between being disgruntled and awkwardly trying and failing to settle on a new main.
  2. Will the Orbiter eventually get customizable lighting colors like Dojos? Will Titania get a custom movement set like Wisp? Will the Tatsu get customizable holstering? Could Operator hair accessories (like ponytail ties) get their own color channels, instead of inherting colors from other areas? Question for Steve regarding Railjack: You've talked a little bit about Railjack potentially making Warframe more seamless later down the line, and it's been said you don't want it to be another obscure, cloistered game mode like old Archwing missions or Lunaro. Yet we've been told the Railjack vessel is something that's maintained and modified via the dojo, and operated as a clan. Wouldn't this pigeonhole Railjack as a gamemode into a similar niche that raiding found itself in? Wouldn't there need to be a personal variation of the ship and the mode to accomplish the aforementioned goals?
  3. I think this is a great idea from a gameplay standpoint, but I think this should be accompanied with new/adjusted animations to really sell the space ninja/aerial combat fantasy. A lot of powers that can already be cast midair make the warframe look like they're standing or hitting the ground while airborne, which is kind of a glaring visual flaw given how great Warframe's character animations usually are.
  4. Would you please get rid of the DNA Decay/Stabilizer system for animal companions? It seems like a pretty pointless downside to pets, and it's still keeping me from using them. When will old Operator hairstyles be updated to look like the new ones? Would you consider updating the Orbiter with customizable lighting like what dojos have? Cetus/Plains Somachord tracks? PS. I finished building Garuda last week and she is AMAZING. Thank you for designing her 🙂
  5. Thoughts on the Railjack ship replacing the Orbiter? Or at least having the option to use the Railjack ship instead of the Orbiter? I think it would be a big improvement; I really like the extra space and the windows. Also any word on an Ember rework would be appreciated. She should be shoulder to shoulder with a frame like Saryn, but she's statistically inferior across the board. I feel like the flash accelerant augment is the only reason she has a niche, and the ramp up/cost increase mechanic that was added to world on fire is too arbitrary and not fun to play around. She's functional enough to justify her place on your usage metrics, but that does not mean she is in a good place from a design perspective, in my opinion anyway.
  6. Will the Orbiter eventually get the customizable lighting system that Dojos have? Any info on potential frame reworks (especially Ember + Titania) would be welcome.
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