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  1. here's the thing that made destiny raids click is the amazing memory's I had like when we first went into Vault of Glass and in the oracle maze we're bloody scared to the point we were barely talking,or when we first killed Oryx that was unforgettable we felt like that 8 hours of figuring out how to do Oryx and the 20 hours of king's fall all paid off. We felt on top of the world. When we figure out that Wrath of the Machine had a secret aka monitors the 6 of us spent the day trying to think what it was about. In Destiny 2 when we first saw Riven we were in awe. Or in Scourge of The Past I wil
  2. umbra is my go to new thing just drop lets run in frame cuz base excel was old one In teams of staff I do in the game like sortie missons that's not a suv or a def or tridolon hunts volt is my guy
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