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  1. Personally i Would replace Fireblast with Overheat The good ability that was removed and replaced with the near useless Fireblast, and remove the WoF nerf so Firequake builds become usable again. Ember's damage was NEVER good, and For a long time Overheat was all ember had, than Firequake builds as the only method of surviving. And since DE seems to have a Hard on for nerfing embers ability to deal any damage this will not counter that, just allow ember to at least have one good thing, staying alive and locking down areas. Though your rework idea is good, it needs more details/numbers Another idea is to make the "scaling mechanic" aka nerf mechanic of WoF reversed when firequake is equipped increasing range and reducing damage.
  2. This far down its unlikely for this to be seen by the devs but here is a list. 1. Clarification about the loot warframe interaction "fixes" (nerfs) and "REVERSE IT PLZ!!!" The Loot abilities are NOT the same, they use different math and affect enemies at different stages. There was no double dipping, this is just done to increase the grind artifically by removing the few ways players can mitigate the grind. THIS is a perfect example of why players are getting burnt out, and are leaving in droves. needless nerfs for no good reason, Endless grind, DE's seeming loathing of anything that makes the grind faster. 2. When will the butchering of CC be stopped and the re-introduction of CC focused game modes (like raids). 3. Will DE PLEASE F**KING STOP it with the CC immune enemies that render CC frames USELESS. they aren't "different and fun" they are a pain in the a**. 3.5. RIP vauban mains, may they get the rework/attention they deserve. 4. is there any point in hopeing for raids to return. 5. will Ember ever get un-#*!%ed. WoF was already a WEAK ability and the "rework" was just a flat out nerf. just bring back overheat and undo the nerf to ember's range, now ember is a low damage, low range, squishy, without a form of decent CC other than spamming her 1 remaining decent ability, without a use case that she is not flat out inferior to other warframes in. Ember's CC, Damage reduction, range, and energy sustain. are all reduced or gone. and Heat damage is one of the weakest damage types in the game. so ember was at a disadvantage at the start before all the nerfs. "but overheat was Overpowered" well now gara's damage reduction ability is stronger than Overheat ever was. just give ember a way to survive at higher levels. the range reduction killed Firequake builds, and the removal of overheat killed ember's tanking. PS. the new release was pretty fun, but the Grindwave left me and many other players completely burnt out so i will not likely be playing it much longer. PPS. bring back the nightwatch. grineer special forces with actual tatics and teamwork to counter players is a good idea, any noobs, causuals and others calling for nerfs of nightwatch enemies if they ever return should be completely ignored. ppps. RIP Wukong's 1 good ability, he will be joining ember and vauban in the "i was already bad and a rework took everything i had left" club
  3. Not to mention the already seemingly forgotten game modes, Trials(the 8 man "raids" of warframe with more focus on puzzles than boss fights where CC frames were still useful), Dark sectors, The derelect is basically dead and the void is only used for mod farming for newer players.
  4. 1. Will wisp at least have some f**king scannable codex fragments, a mini-story in her description, a Mini-comic, ANYTHING!!?!?!?! The last bunch of warframes had ZERO story or lore to them at all. If cinematic quests and/or mini-quests are too much with the too thinly spread resources and time. than just do something else anything will due so long as it adds context/story to the new warframes. or at the very least new primes should get a mini-comic of some sort if prime trailers never return. 2. Is anything being done to improve communication between the various project teams to prevent mistakes or "surprises" that have to be fixed soon after reveal. so things wont have to be re-done so often. 3. Will DE be changing Piercing Navigator to the ACTUAL voted upon effect for the augment that the design council voted on. 4. Will there be an option to use the older gun/melee switching method. it has been very annoying to switch to guns whenever trying to use exalted weapons in the air, like getting killed as valkyr when going a glide due to the guns being switched in, instead of her claws. ect ect ect. or when trying to block in the air. 5. Will ember ever be un-Screwed after the initial Removal of ember's primary survivability ability overheat Followed by the range reduction of her 4 making firequake builds dead. Leaving ember with only Accelerant, or spamming 4 on and off, which changes nothing other than making her ANNOYING to play. Now embers only survival method ability wise is to spam accelerant to use the short stun. (Solutions include making Firequake reverse the range reduction instead double the range and half the damage, and/or adding back Overheat, which can be done just by removing Fire blast and putting Overheat there instead.)
  5. Obligitory "Lower Hema research cost" post. No really DE 5000 BASE cost of mutagen samples is stupid lower it to 500 or something.
  6. Some questions of my own. with less overly Positive feedback. Warframe reworks. 1. Will Nyx be getting any more changes? 2. Will Titania be getting any more changes. Eg. kills respawing razorflies or Lanturn's explosion scaling with the affected enemy's health/shields/armor? 3. Will Chroma ever be Un-f**ed and get an actual rework. (the last "rework" was just some very minor QoL in an attempt to compensate for the Massive nerfing of his vex armor) replace spectral scream with the ability to change elements on the fly. or make it a tap/hold where tapping will make it do the normal spectral scream and for the hold to change elements. make his 4 duration based and have a base duraton of 30 seconds, instead of a constant drain. make vex armor's armor buff be calculated the way it was pre-nerf. or boost the armor increase to the point where his EHP is the same. chroma is currently MUCH squishier than before, or replace it with flat damage reduction or any of the many great rework ideas that the playerbase has came up with. 4. Wukong. Will wukong get a rework how will melee 3.0 effect wukong since his 4 relies on combo counter to increase its range? Will wukong be getting a half baked QoL change or an actual rework. Lastly, will the deluxe and prime of wukong have the glowing anus or not. (personally hopeing that wukong deluxe does not have a glowing anus) 5.EMBER Will ember ever get a rework to compensate for the long series of nerfs to her kit. Will Overheat or another Defenceive ability be added to ember since after the range reduction of her 4. and the removal of overheat ember has a very hard time surviveing in higher levels. (perfect abiltiy to remove to make room for overheat to return is Fireblast) Since DE keeps nerfing ember's ability to kill enemies. make Firequake augmented World on Fire Exempt from the shrinking AoE. and make it do the opposite where the range doubles and damage halves. to make it a CC ability when augmented instead of a very weak damage ability. even makeing firequake Cap the damage at 10 would be fine so long as it fullfiled its roll in Room lockdown. Make Fireball charge faster by 20%-30% Accelerant is fine as is. Misc warframe rework/tweak questions. Will revenant's 4 get its energy drain lowered. (its too high, and those who begg for nerfs should play the things they want nerfed so they know what they are ruining for others) Will Rumbled be implamented into PvE? Gara's 4 still breaks too fast. so will it be buffed, or will it be left in its nerfed state? Will Frost prime be getting any more stat increases since the only difference is 25 more base shields? like some base energy, sprint speed, armor, health, anything? Weapons. Why was tonkor nerfed AGAIN? (it was already dead. at this point its like kicking a dead horse.) Will there be more Mara weapons? Will Scythe stances be removed from the game or will they be turned into heavy blade stances once melee 3.0 arrives? Will the Fusilai, secondary explosive weapons, and other weapons that have had there ammo total reduced dramaticly be partaly restored? will melee be getting more weapon types in the future? Like a Flail, Whip-sword, rope-dart? Misc Questions. Will railjack be released in Q1 of 2019, or Q2? Are there any more Open worlds planned. and if so how many? (hopefully only 1 more that will be infested themed so all 3 major enemy factions will be covered. and since the open worlds seem to be taking a lot more resources, time and work than other content and seem to mess with other schedualed content) Will the proto weapon skin event be happening any time soon? Since DE does not make prime trailers anymore will backstories in the prime descriptions be returning. since it takes a lot less resources, time and effort than the whole time trailer that has to be storyborded, animated, scripted, with lighting, timeing and other aspects. (after getting into basic 3d animation i now have a better appreciation of the effort needed to make 3d animations) or at least Some lore entries, a webpage with a story, an animatic, lore in the desciption anything as an alternative to no prime backstory at all? Will Tatical alerts ever return? Will dark sectors ever return? (4 years and waiting) Will Trials ever return? (please not be like dark sectors with no update on it for 4+ years)
  7. The Glitch that makes tennogen items incorrectly say $ 0.00 is back And chat is not working
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