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  1. Obligitory "Lower Hema research cost" post. No really DE 5000 BASE cost of mutagen samples is stupid lower it to 500 or something.
  2. Some questions of my own. with less overly Positive feedback. Warframe reworks. 1. Will Nyx be getting any more changes? 2. Will Titania be getting any more changes. Eg. kills respawing razorflies or Lanturn's explosion scaling with the affected enemy's health/shields/armor? 3. Will Chroma ever be Un-f**ed and get an actual rework. (the last "rework" was just some very minor QoL in an attempt to compensate for the Massive nerfing of his vex armor) replace spectral scream with the ability to change elements on the fly. or make it a tap/hold where tapping will make it do the normal spectral scream and for the hold to change elements. make his 4 duration based and have a base duraton of 30 seconds, instead of a constant drain. make vex armor's armor buff be calculated the way it was pre-nerf. or boost the armor increase to the point where his EHP is the same. chroma is currently MUCH squishier than before, or replace it with flat damage reduction or any of the many great rework ideas that the playerbase has came up with. 4. Wukong. Will wukong get a rework how will melee 3.0 effect wukong since his 4 relies on combo counter to increase its range? Will wukong be getting a half baked QoL change or an actual rework. Lastly, will the deluxe and prime of wukong have the glowing anus or not. (personally hopeing that wukong deluxe does not have a glowing anus) 5.EMBER Will ember ever get a rework to compensate for the long series of nerfs to her kit. Will Overheat or another Defenceive ability be added to ember since after the range reduction of her 4. and the removal of overheat ember has a very hard time surviveing in higher levels. (perfect abiltiy to remove to make room for overheat to return is Fireblast) Since DE keeps nerfing ember's ability to kill enemies. make Firequake augmented World on Fire Exempt from the shrinking AoE. and make it do the opposite where the range doubles and damage halves. to make it a CC ability when augmented instead of a very weak damage ability. even makeing firequake Cap the damage at 10 would be fine so long as it fullfiled its roll in Room lockdown. Make Fireball charge faster by 20%-30% Accelerant is fine as is. Misc warframe rework/tweak questions. Will revenant's 4 get its energy drain lowered. (its too high, and those who begg for nerfs should play the things they want nerfed so they know what they are ruining for others) Will Rumbled be implamented into PvE? Gara's 4 still breaks too fast. so will it be buffed, or will it be left in its nerfed state? Will Frost prime be getting any more stat increases since the only difference is 25 more base shields? like some base energy, sprint speed, armor, health, anything? Weapons. Why was tonkor nerfed AGAIN? (it was already dead. at this point its like kicking a dead horse.) Will there be more Mara weapons? Will Scythe stances be removed from the game or will they be turned into heavy blade stances once melee 3.0 arrives? Will the Fusilai, secondary explosive weapons, and other weapons that have had there ammo total reduced dramaticly be partaly restored? will melee be getting more weapon types in the future? Like a Flail, Whip-sword, rope-dart? Misc Questions. Will railjack be released in Q1 of 2019, or Q2? Are there any more Open worlds planned. and if so how many? (hopefully only 1 more that will be infested themed so all 3 major enemy factions will be covered. and since the open worlds seem to be taking a lot more resources, time and work than other content and seem to mess with other schedualed content) Will the proto weapon skin event be happening any time soon? Since DE does not make prime trailers anymore will backstories in the prime descriptions be returning. since it takes a lot less resources, time and effort than the whole time trailer that has to be storyborded, animated, scripted, with lighting, timeing and other aspects. (after getting into basic 3d animation i now have a better appreciation of the effort needed to make 3d animations) or at least Some lore entries, a webpage with a story, an animatic, lore in the desciption anything as an alternative to no prime backstory at all? Will Tatical alerts ever return? Will dark sectors ever return? (4 years and waiting) Will Trials ever return? (please not be like dark sectors with no update on it for 4+ years)
  3. The Glitch that makes tennogen items incorrectly say $ 0.00 is back And chat is not working
  4. the titania Unsleelie skin ALL tennogen skins is showing as $0.00 for some reason (Steam still shows the actual prices though, but still this should be fixed asap)
  5. Since DE has not released a rework for chroma with this update, hope that when they do, it will be a near complete overhaul of chroma's kit 1 being replaced in its entieity, combineing of his 2 and 3, and changeing his 4 in either the way tac potato or Brozime suggested.
  6. Maybe Listin for real like you guys used to, and un-do the nerf, and maybe reconize that Nerfing for little to no good reason is a bad idea, as the others in this thread have already said, the energy consumption is way too high, the damage is lower than many other 4th abilites, it can be blocked by terrain, has difficulty hitting enemies that are too high, too low, or behind other enemies, before the nerf already drained a moderately high ammount of energy, and as Omega pointed out the frames he listed can do damage through cover, walls, and have less to no issues hitting enemies that are above and below them. just Un-Nerf Revenant's only Above Average ability, and maybe add the following changes, 1 scales with strength, OR prevents others in the squad from killing thralls, 2 add a cooldown for the consumption of a charge of maybe 0.5-1.5 seconds before another charge is used, or a way faster cast time,
  7. SOoooooooooo, Revenant nerf reversal ever?
  8. Also forgot to mention, Since you guys at DE are screwing with things, maybe exempt ember's firequake augment from the shrinking AoE, and instead make it increase the range at the cost of damage, sacrificeing damage in exchange for CC, lowering the damage to something like 25 per second, but for it to affect 15 enemies at a time with constant stuns and knockdowns
  9. Welp energy Channel's description does not show in game since the update
  10. same thing happened to me, forgot to equip a fast frame and left mid quest and now in the same situation of not being able to finish it UPDATE- was able to finish after a few relogs
  11. Any Chance of any of the NION skins by yatus getting in? 2. Hema resource cost is still a problem that DE continues to sweep under the rug, 3.will immortal skins ever be made for the newer warframes 4. will the "Collecting feedback" on the whole chat mod issue that became a popular topic a few months ago be finished, or are you hopeing everybody forgets? 5. are there any Elixis skins in the works. 6, will melee 3.0 allow normal attacks to scale with combo counter or is the "Only heavy attacks scaling with combo" still the direction that melee 3.0 is heading. 7. will frame fighter be ready before the end of september? 8. squad vote kicking to get rid of pesky AFK players without haveing to dispand first 9, leave squad hotkey when, i hate it when i am in a squad than a person force starts a mission immedietly after and the UI loads slowly at that particluar moment and i am unable to quit unless i alt+f4 or leave once loaded into that unwanted mission.
  12. Just going to post some misc questions people have been asking. 1.when will the sacrifice be replayable? 2.When will DE be done "Collecting feedback" on the whole moderator issue that became a popular topic about a month ago? 3. Will you guys ever lower the Hema research cost? PS. 4. Any ETA on any of the various WIP deluxe skins
  13. I am just tired of these stupid random nerfs that keep on happening that barely do anything, or even just ruin a frame/weapon (RIP Ember a frame that i hated but did not deserve a nerf of that magnitude, and a certain staff member deserves a time out and for their nerfhammer privilages revoked) just make stasis back to 30 seconds, or even 20, 15 is just too short compared to the original 30 seconds. Also to those who liked the halving of the duration of stasis just because you did not like limbo, imagine if your favorite frame had one of their abilities damage, or range, or duration cut in half in exchange for a QoL change that should have been there by defult on release.
  14. Please DONT HALF stasis duration, just dont, the change to allow guns to work in stasis is how it should have been like from the beginning, with MAX duration possible 45 Seconds VS 90 Seconds(current max duration)... this will just be a flat nerf with a QoL Change, just keep is as a 30 seconds base, a actual good possible change would be to do somthing like Holding banish for 1 second to remove all non-limbos from the rift as a panic button in case rift surge spreads too far. And Titania's 4 does not need changes, her 1-3 need changes, like locking the enemies in a AoE Sphere around the cast areas for her 1, Making the buffs from her 2 actualy be useful, and make her 3's damage scale with the targeted enemy's health shields and armor, and not float away as much, the main issue with titania is that her 1 and 3 are way too floaty
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