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  1. The disruption is a hell of a lot of fun but.....as it stands the rewards are S#&$... puttin relics to fill the the empty space is a bad idea and seeing as with almost every thing we do gives us relics (eidolons and arbitrations not included) plus putting resources that we get thru general star chart progression is pointless. as of right now disruption and conclave are the only real form of anything fun in this game to the old players... i made a suggestion to reactive the old tactical alerts with a bit of a twist and it was ignored the content drought is real...cosmetics are not content i dont have that dedication to put 5-6 hrs of my day in to this game anymore becuz i am bored i play other games ye but non of them are as entertaining as warframe what this game needs is a higher set difficulty but its sweep under the rug the moment casual player complain that its tooo "hard" now i dont wanna sound like im begin ungrateful but this game caters to new players too much and it wont improve if it doesnt have some to test the abundant selections of weapons and the 30+ warframes at or disposal not to mention rivens that boost the damage out put of said weapons drastically....now the only game mode i can actually enjoy right now is disruption..for the only reasons. a) its got that spicy challenge to it B) u need to aware of the enemies types and there capabilities and C) the proper scaling of the enemies. Now the problem most of the game modes suffer in this game is that most of the rewards are S#&$ hands down S#&$ ive seen content creator and creator throw opinions and suggestions out the wazo and ...... it jut gets ignored lmao...... I really want this game to strive i really do but catering to new player left right and centre wont help the progress wats gonna happen wen they reach the end of the line like us? hmm? one of 4 things are gonna happen there gonna quite and comback wen theres content but leave right after becuz the drive for a appealing reward isnt there.. the other reasons are there gonna end up in conclave LUL or sit in there orbitors' build pads and stare out the window...... Pls DE if u every read this Old tactical alerts are there give em back to us to fill the boredom of this drought Pls
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