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  1. that could be cool, add it so if you have that gadget you can use the button i suggested
  2. This all happened during different empyrean missions -That sugatra is pointing up: https://imgur.com/niJCygV -This: https://imgur.com/nacGLwF
  3. That's the whole idea, i often go to the arsenal and think "Man, i wish i could try this loadout rn", but you have to go the a relay and then to simaris. Ok it's not the hardest thing to do, but why not add a button on the arsenal screen so you can quickly go and test your equipment in the simulacrum (obviously requiring the key to work). A low-quality representation of what i mean:
  4. And thus, the update was released. And so were the bugs
  5. you can, she is supposed to be a converted kuva lich, heavy gunners are A******s
  6. I wanna protec, DE please release update
  7. But they are not compressing yet. Or that's what Zorro said
  8. He just said stuff about cross-save, they are still looking into it, nothing new
  9. He just said it could be today, but he doubts it
  10. Well, all you have to know is they still have to collect all the work in one version and compress it to know the size, but it's going to be kinda big. I would say for some GB. Also he is talking about railjack and they will try to release this year but it's not sure
  11. Zorro just said it's coming today but immedietly corrected himself saying this week. H M M M M
  12. I think there's still time today, but if not they will probably release tomorrow. Friday is cursed.
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