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  1. Here's my submission! Mag ripping that poor Grineer apart!
  2. Wanted to start out 2019 with a bang! Or in this case, glass!
  3. Digital Submission! I just had to do something k-drive/ventkids related! May everyone have a good laugh every time you ragdoll off of your k-drive!
  4. What better way to serve your queen than on a platter? A worm queen piece I drew for fan forge!
  5. It's been almost 2 months since the Chimera update and the kubrow fur textures are still wonky!!
  6. The kubrow fur textures are still blocky and messed up! I miss my fluffy dog 😞
  7. I thought Nezha's deluxe skin would be perfect for a Coppertone sunscreen reference.
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