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  1. i think chanelling is going to be removed soon
  2. makes sense to me as the thing i want to know most is, "when is night on POE coming"
  3. Nora's Black? Xenophil means lover of aliens doesn't it? I cannot say i have seen 'SJW bs'(sic) on warframe - if that was happening they wouldnt have gone with the whole 'mentally ill people are dangerous killers' thing that's been going on lately would they. On that note how about some Inuit/Native American or Australian Aboriginal looking operators? Keep up the good work DE. You do your best we can see that. I have muted warframe, intially so i didn't hear the Lotus chirping on in the background whilst i was doing other things, but now i kinda like it that way. I can still hear the fun mission music in my head anyway 😄
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