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  1. A new player was asking for assistance on their Archwing codex quest, as completing the third excavation did not yield an Odonata blueprint needed for the assembly of their Odonata to complete the quest. I replayed the Archwing quest (as much as I could) and the missing blueprint was not awarded. Cephalon Simaris' shop aside (which requires the initiation and completion of New Strange), repeatedly awarding the same reward from a quest replay is not a bad idea DE. Just cover all the bases — or you will be bleeding new players (and audience growth) no matter what new content your
  2. Well that's the basics of a New Player Guide. Just the basic explanation (i.e., what the Codex console should be doing). Any in-depth topic, like Spy Missions and Warframe Non-Metal Gear Stealth, should be forked from the main article.
  3. I think I saw that on /r/Warframe before I left the site. One of the reasons why the document took forever to load was from the media embedded, and the unnecessary length — forking a Spy Missions topic onto another document is required; same goes for topics like Damage 2.0.a (the change of the status procs in DMG 2.0) and other topics.
  4. All this crap talk reminds me that I should write a new players guide just for this forum. I honestly don't see something like that in the Players Helping Players section.
  5. Arcane Pension w/ COLA — Monthly after-tax stipend of 6000 (in 2020 numbers) w/ COLA at 6% per year. I won't live that long to see Wiemar Republic hyper-inflation Arcane Cosmic Variable Power Pool, Equitable to About 1000 Character Points in Champions 6th Ed. — I can so much with those powers/abilities in Champions 6th Ed. and 1000 Character Points. Like detonate enemies with a glance like an Über Panzermensch
  6. Do platinum fragments, like Riven slivers. For one platinum. LOL
  7. The only thing with the Thermia fractures is to make it its own bounty (like Profit Taker and Exploiter), so the matches don't mix with public fishing expeditions.
  8. Ammo mutation mods are plentiful
  9. Imagine a Cowframe with 8 udders using that physics engine.
  10. For the uneducated, it's lines from Richard O'Brian's Rocky Horror Picture Show — https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0073629/
  11. Or better yet, a mod that lets you strip armor and cut enemy health in half (bypassing their shields). Or a STAPLES-frame button, where if you manage to interact with it, you win the mission automatically and collect all rewards 👍
  12. I never liked those byow-byow staffs for some reason. Might give them a try though.
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