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  1. I share some of the good fortune with new players. They need some of the mods (Flow, Streamline, etc.) to replace the broken crap they start with. Silencer mods (Hush, Suppress, Silent Battery) also helps, along with Animal Instinct.
  2. I prefer boosters. And every 3 rivens, I have to buy more slots. I'm already at 117 or something.
  3. I was messing around with the Primary handles on Fortuna and made a Dakka build Harrow. The Aura I used is Speed Holster, and I have two Rattleguts chambers (one primary, one secondary) with a Tremor (primary) and Stitch, and a Gibber (Secondary) and Stitch. Both are crit builds using Arcane Acceleration and Arcane Velocity (max rank). Pax Charge (max) is slotted to both the primary and secondary Kitguns. Since I have some Rattleguts rivens, they add significantly to the damage (about 1350 total for the primary and 770 for the secondary, if I drop the magazine size from Ice Stor
  4. I should note that a Nekros player mentioned this one — any time you need to level and Archgun or if you need it (for Profit-taker for example), slap on Dispenser for your build and the Archgun Cooldown item (or was it universal ammo / heavy ammo) may occasionally pop-up and allow you to continue firing as long as the Dispenser is active. A clan mate also asked about Energized Munitions on an Archgun — I wasn't able to try it, but that's an interesting possibility.
  5. Wanted to try this, then got lazy with the obvious (auto-hack Helminth ability).
  6. No idea. I'm the only one playing a Banish Mesa whenever I am online.
  7. Those days are over for me since maxxing out all the Arcane upgrades for Warframe (well, the ones that matter) and maxxing the Focus tree/unbounds.
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