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  1. M_TheFrozenShadow

    Warframe Builder

    Bug report: Twin Rogga pellets incorrectly listed as 5 when it should be 15. Still having trouble posting images but this one is visible at a quick glance unlike the lenz bug I posted a while back and couldn't prove.
  2. M_TheFrozenShadow

    Warframe Builder

    Bug: An error in Lenz elemental calculations. Ingame, when a Max rank Hellfire and Max rank Cryo Rounds are the only mods on Lenz, the dmg is 1,966 Blast and 50 Impact, no matter which comes first. In the builder, this is true when the order is Cryo Rounds>Hellfire, but when it's Hellfire>Cryo Rounds, it says the dmg is 50 Impact, 660 Blast, 639 Heat, with crit turned off on both. I wish I could provide images but something is up with my computer and it's not letting me post pics so sorry if this is just a waste of time.