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  1. OH #*!% YOU (not really i'm sure you're a lovely person but you beat me by a #*!%ing fraction)
  2. https://twitter.com/PlayWarframe/status/1103765523127504896 Twitter says today.
  3. I think @Linisti is extrapolating 'thursday' from yesterday's Intel post about 'Poor Thursby'.
  4. I really love the Nezha rework and he went from 'i hate him' to 'i love him' in the blink of an eye. It seems Pablo is a really solid pair of hands. Only two issues i have is that I actually... kinda LIKED the mid-air hop for his firewalker? It doesnt make much of a difference, but it made him feel kinda acrobatic, even though the hop was minimal. I suppose it helped compensate for me when I wanted to fine-tune where I was landing. Although I can also see how that hop would also #*!% with people's parkour so, eh. Nezha's blazing chakram doesn't seem to reliably target those on divine spears. Sometimes I've managed to get it to proc, but a lot of the time it seems to miss. The secondary chakram spawned by the spear also seems to fly off at random angles, often skyward, and doesn't seem to target the nearest enemy well. On spears or not. Otherwise, a #*!%ton of fun. I love him! Revenant however, ehhhh. I'm doing the same damage as everyone else mostly, so I suppose he's not terrible anymore, but he just feels unsatisfying. Getting a horde of thralls takes too long, or too much button mashing, and often i'm in a position where i've thralled everybody in the room or they've already been killed. So I don't really get to DO anything with my horde so I have no option but to kill them. Particularly since his thrall is single-shot, they often die before the thrall affects them so they dont leave a pillar; and it takes a long time to repeatedly thrall several people. Expecting the AI to naturally propagate the enthrallment consists of waiting while the thrall slowly turns around as it tries to work out whether it wants to shoot, take cover, follow you or whatever; and though the enemy AI seems to target it quick enough, often teh thrall dies before it can retaliate.
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