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    Try turning off the vsync (vertical synchronization) from the nvidia drivers. RTX2060 should be able to run the game easily over 300fps with highest possible settings.
  2. You do not speak for me, I will definitely play ember if it changes from current boring "set it and forget it" world on fire version. Ember was my most used warframe (probably still is if you check the stats) but I stopped using ember at all when DE nerfed it a while back. Seeing these changes on the devstream and thinking about it every day afterwards just makes me want to get my hands on the rework more and more, even if no drastical changes are made to what we were shown on friday's devstream. I've read other people's suggestions about the abilities and I have my own suggestions too but I'd like to get my hands on the "build" shown on the devstream before doing any changes just to see how it would play out. I will mention two things though, first of them being the third ability, it probably should not throw enemies too far away, just knock them down and push them a little (do not send them flying for tens of meters). The second thing I will mention is that immolation heat explosion, it should absolutely not waste ALL of the energy if the meter hits the max. In any case, I can't wait to get my hands on these reworks.
  3. If only we had primed damage, multishot, crit chance/damage and elemental mods (primed dual stats anyone?) available for all the weapons, I personally would not care about rivens at all at that point. The primed mod selection for rifles and damage is especially bad, there is basically just primed cryo rounds which is not the most awesome mod in my opinion. Primed split chamber would be nice to have. As for the riven nerfs and buffs? It is quite understandable to see most of the aoe weapons getting the nerf by just going to play any game in public, especially arbitration. It is simply so much easier to kill the arby drones with an aoe weapon than with something else (excluding melee) and you will see a lot of these weapons being used.
  4. Whatever it takes to keep us not finishing the thing in one day, but rather in multiple days, if not weeks. Also have to love the invulnerability stages, they are absolutely the best in any given game, I personally love them more than anything. Oh snap, maybe I am a bit too passive-aggressive here. I wonder if the people who can't play the game for more than few times a week appreciate this. You know, the people who play only during weekends or so because of work, school, military service or whatever.
  5. I was actually debating this but then I remembered something that happened two or so months back. My friends got into the game and seriously the thing they were constantly missing was credits. They spent so much time doing index for credits that it made me want to puke, since I had to help them for a while anyway. I do have to note that they were levelling things quite a lot in rapid succession so of course things will get costly if you advance in the game like that. Personally I would say that credits booster for myself would be the worst booster, I got one today and I saw that the 900th login day reward has a 7-day credit booster on it and I was thinking what the heck am I going to do with something like that. Regardless of that, resource booster should be in the sorties drop table.
  6. I figured this is best to be left at the feedback forum so feel free to move this if this is an actual bug. The thing is, I don't remember ever getting a resource booster from the sorties and this has been bugging me the longest time (note: I have 897 login days and I have not missed a single day doing sorties from the beginning whenever I was able to start doing them). So today just some minutes ago I decided to just check the official warframe drop tables (https://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html) that should have all of the stuff listed in there. (un?) Surprisingly enough, the resource booster is actually not included in the drop tables according to that document as can be seen here: I hope you can add it to the drop table, maybe replace the resource drop chance booster (the worst booster there is really) or reduce anasa sculpture drop chance by 3,27% and add the resource booster with that percentage there.
  7. Ok so, the weapons first: Both of the weapons seriously need more ammunition, or the players are forced to use carrier when bringing them. Akarius has a bug that makes player unable to reload the weapon randomly, I have not been able to figure out why this happens but when it happens I see I have ammunition left but it just doesn't reload. It doesn't matter if the clip is empty or not in this case. As for the Gauss itself, I pretty much agree with everything that has been said on this thread. For me the warframe feels really clunky to use, the reasons are as follows: The first ability is inconsistent, sometimes gauss keeps on sprinting like the ability was active even if you release the button. Also in tighter maps you end up hitting the walls constantly The second ability drains the battery too fast when damaged making the damage reduction useless, also I am not really feeling the effect of the damage reduction or the energy regeneration on hits. The third ability AOE should be wider, also it should stay bigger longer and start shrinking only when 75% of the ability duration is left or something along those lines. The damage is lacking. The fourth ability cast time is abyssmal, please do something about it. Also in order to keep the battery level above redline you have to constantly spam abilities like 1 and 3 to keep it there, this takes too much attention away from actual playing and is detrimental to performing well. Also I noticed that in some situations like jumping, going down stairs and so on I lose a lot of the battery level, even when am constantly moving this happens. So it is not enough to be moving in any possible way all the time to prevent the battery drain, what is going on in here? My overall feeling of Gauss is that it is very clunky to play with. I have to pay attention to my batterly level to make the best out of it while random things basically ruin it so I am performing worse than I would by just picking up some pacifist frame and just using my weapons and not touching abilities at all.
  8. Can you please increase the amount of riven slots we can have? I remember this was already asked some time ago on some stream and I think it was @[DE]Rebecca who actually answered something along the lines of "it is possible / we'll think about it". For me rivens are the result of my hard work and sitting at 90/90 while wanting to have some more rivens for the newer weapons (you know you keep adding weapons all the time to the game) but I would have to give up on some other riven that I have spent time getting and rolling to what I want it to be. Interestingly enough, all my rivens are meant to be used, not to be sold and they will allow me to bring any weapon that I have a riven for to slightly more challenging missions too.
  9. @[DE]Megan This has been around for some time now, and apparently every now and then a new item appears on this that is not mastered, like here: I have mastered the ones marked with red, however, I do not have them anymore in my inventory so I can't get the 1xp on them that is required to make them appear mastered on that list again. Can someone fix this? I don't want to rebuild these things just because they mysteriously reappear as not mastered for some random bug.
  10. @[DE]Megan Please fix the profile / mastery bug regarding k-drives as seen here: vs reality:
  11. You know all the plat that players currently possess in the game is platinum that was paid with real money by someone at some point in some form (direct plat purchase, maybe a prime access). If you get plat for "free" by selling in-game items like rivens or prime junk or mods or whatever you can think of and never paid a single cent for platinum, it doesn't mean noone did. This is why I consider platinum purchases from players very carefully, especially when it comes to rivens and their extremely inflated asking prices.
  12. It worked for me before this patch and I was not asking for help, I was reporting a bug. Login screen: After logging in:
  13. @[DE]Glen This has to be the most accurate fps limiter I have seen in any game so far, really great job. I am running PG279Q monitor at 165Hz with gsync enabled and vsync disabled and I was having issues with gsync getting disabled randomly in missions for few seconds + stuttering and tearing, which means that the fps must have exceeded 165fps even if I had 144fps limit in the game settings. The new fps limiter (still running that 144fps at 165Hz) feels very, very, very solid. 60fps is not really playable for me, 72fps is getting there and 120fps is really good. While I would not use 60fps or 72fps in game, they are definitely better. I always liked high fps and high refreshrates, even in the 90s when CRTs were still the thing 😂 One thing I noticed is that when I end up in the login screen after starting the game (where you input your password etc) the fps limiter here is disabled and I see fps exceeding 450fps or whatever. Seems like a bug to me, so maybe fix this in the future patch?
  14. For the first time ever, today, while I was leveling up two of the last kitguns and my last moa model in hydron, I actually started seeing a performance drop over time. My fps actually went down to 60-70fps while standing in the middle of hydron after running the game for over an hour. The degradation happened slowly, one run at a time and finally it was at the point I could no longer tolerate it. After restarting the game the fps went back to the ~140fps or so (144fps limit in-game options) at least for a few more runs.
  15. While I kind of agree about some of the riven re-balancing, because some of the weapons were basically greatly superior to others (take tiberon prime with a good riven for example, it is MUCH better than any other rifle in the game), but some of the changes were quite harsh. I have pretty good tiberon riven myself, but I don't use the weapon too much because I prefer shotguns, even so seeing losing over 15% of the overall dps output of my tiberon build makes me sad. I currently hold 74 rivens. Majority of these rivens have actually been bought with plat. My style is to get a riven, check the weapon the riven is for and then roll it some times to get something. If I like the weapon I most likely sell my own riven (because I don't want to roll 40+ times to get a really good one) and buy better rolled riven for the same weapon. I never get any "profit" from this, the riven I sell is always much cheaper than the one I replace it with, and this is actually the reason why it pisses me off when a riven gets changed to something that can be over 15% worse than it was before. If riven rolling was a lot cheaper to do than it is today (3,5k per roll for 10+ rolls) this would be a non-issue, or if one could lock riven stats and then roll the remaining stats with increased amount of kuva (ie. lock one stat, pay twice as much for the next roll, lock two stats and pay 3x as much for the next roll). All in all, I recommed DE staff to check how "awesome" riven rolling is from Dimitri V2's 100 riven reroll videos. Most of the rolls dimitri gets in those videos are absolute garbage and it takes 336k kuva or so to do those 100 rolls...
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