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  1. Ok so I was checking at the stats of multiple shotguns and I noticed something I really didn't think of before I was actually seeing it for whatever reason. The issue comes from the fact that before the patch the status chance of a shotgun was basically reported/calculated from the "full shot" (all the pellets actually hitting the target) and when it got changed it caused the following issue. Let's look at two tigrises: Even if prime version had higher status before the patch (30% vs 28%) it also shoots more pellets per shot, which in return changes the status chance per pellet to be actually lower than the sancti version. I suppose the status chance is still higher if all the pellets actually hit the target but this is not the case in most situations. A lot of the enemies can't take full damage before dying so only few pellets will hit and deal damage. Similarly shooting from further away will make more pellets to not hit because of the spread of the weapon. Also not everyone is 100% accurate with shotguns all the time landing all the pellets in all situations, which is quite obvious. We all know that status shotguns were actually nerfed quite a bit and this was also confirmed by my testing. Previously a status shotguns like strun wraith and tigris prime and even boar prime could take down an armored corrupted heavy gunner level 170 in just two or three shots. Killing the same enemy with a crit shotgun like vaykor hek and corinth would take 4-6 shots depending on the RNG of corrosive procs because even if those things could have higher than twice the dps, they would still be hitting armor with very little reduction to it. Currently the same status shotguns I mentioned above against the same enemy still take those 2-3 shots to kill even if they have drastically reduced armor, but critical shotguns can now actually even one shot that same enemy (corinth + mediocre riven I am looking at you) or take them down in two shots. So in short: status shotgun efficiency remained the same as before while crit shotguns got boosted up by a lot in the terms of time to kill or ammo used. I suggest something has to be done. Maybe you need to individually finetune the status chance per pellet especially on those pre-patch high status shotguns because they are no longer performing all that great and are actually losing to crit shotguns.
  2. TYPE: riven challenge bug (mission) DESCRIPTION: I am unable to unveil the following riven, I tried 3 different missions all above level 30 and no dice. VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: I completed hydron, akkad and kala-azar with no success using frost/limbo prime and riven on ignis wraith EXPECTED RESULT: unveil the riven OBSERVED RESULT: did not unveil the riven 🙂 REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  3. Ok, having grinded bramma and currently grinding the nukor I can say the following: These changed changed close to nothing for me, as the most important aspect of kuva liches, which is the most boring and tedious grind of murmurs, is still there. This is really triggering me and I am feeling I am massively wasting my time for this, doing tens of "exterminate" or "survival" or "defense" again and again and again and it feels like there is no end to it. This has to be the worst warframe content I have played so far and until the murmurs are fixed, I will refuse to play liches after the "mandatory get the new weapons" part. Make liches spawn 10x more often, reduce the murmur requirement by a huge amount or something, this is definitely not the content I want to use my time on as it stands currently.
  4. This is the one thing and the one thing only that made me stop doing kuva liches when I got all the weapons available from them. Not so much back breaking, or even the bad rng, but these murmurs...
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