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  1. I have actually changed my mind about this new system , it's looking better . Because u know why, i don't know why DE made the gotl thing . We can see ppl are already helping each other so there are no point for that gotl thing sadly So i think it's good they removed it. But it was a pleasure to support DE with that there Hopefully this new system will make ppl more Happy n do better than before :)
  2. It's good to know that this event is coming back because some ppl have missed it, n if It's not coming back then no opticor v for years :)
  3. Well from what i see. The new system is not looking any better. GOTL was a much better thing but u wanted to stop it ? Well sry but It's better if u think about it more. But i can't really say anything for now. I hold my word till we know more but that is my opinion for now :)
  4. Bad Bad Bad. We need buffs DE. Ah well guess ember and nyx are forgotten
  5. 38 minutes ago, --Deimos-- said: i just wanna buy the accessory pack using paypal, what's wrong with it here? endless loading i've tried multiple of times, checked my paypal. everything is in order but still gave me same result, error error error smh EDIT : and yeah, i've ticked the terms and policy every time i did for the transaction. tell me what i did wrong here, please. I believe something is wrong at this moment. Maybe try after some ours Or next day. If still Not working , then would say send ticket to DE I'm sure they can help u better.
  6. My neck will get better if you buff ember and nyx.
  7. We can help if you write in English :)
  8. Well if you write in English . We can help to :)
  9. Strange this post didn't get removed . Nobody will win then
  10. Hmmm. They give us the ability to farm the new frame . And i just got a coupon 50%. Not a lucky timing :(
  11. Damn It's look very good imo. But we want better pics on how the armor n syandana look like tho.
  12. 17 minutes ago, trunks013 said: next Wednesday like tomorow or next week ? Oh and thanks for keeping us informed its always apreciated ^.^ Next week .
  13. Haven't DE said there will be a new skin tho ?
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