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  1. Yes she's really worth to get n use You can get her from sedna boss, might need some help from ppl tho But if u are looking to buy, then buy the prime 1 from ppl for plat. Much better n price is around 150p Good Luck n have a good day :)
  2. Same here, I'm wanting on it I think it will be the last big quest n it's going to end the story Hopefully not tho. But reason is because it will be long time for it to come yet
  3. Well i have a question to u here, I've been having problem finding races. I only found 3 and i have run all the map for 1 our. Do they have a time to reset or what. Like they change sometime or they're always there? I was only finding 3 . Nothing else
  4. Well i believe either 2 or 3 weeks after this. But I'm not any happy with it tbh, i hope it will go away then never come again :(
  5. They worth to use sometime. But not worth to use them all the time . I think u get the point , but the Best 1 was the big head moa imo. Lol Try them all n see who is the best but the good thing is u can use any moa mod on any moa u want . So a very good thing if u have them all
  6. Hello, Not sure how to help with that. Never had it So Best thing u can do is send ticket to DE and only send 1 Then just have to wait because problems like that will take time but u will get the reply later for sure
  7. Mostly a ticket like that will take long time for DE to reply. So just have to wait bro.
  8. I have actually changed my mind about this new system , it's looking better . Because u know why, i don't know why DE made the gotl thing . We can see ppl are already helping each other so there are no point for that gotl thing sadly So i think it's good they removed it. But it was a pleasure to support DE with that there Hopefully this new system will make ppl more Happy n do better than before :)
  9. Have to log out of forum then log in again . If u are having problem to log in again, check my post i made for ppl can't log in to forum n how i fixed it. Hopefully it can help you :)
  10. Warframe wiki site for anything u want to learn. Then make ur build or search n watch some vid for any build u want .
  11. Simple answer, you can't trade anything u crafted.
  12. Well what you said is the best things u can sell. Just start to work on 1 thing the start with another .
  13. I use 200 strength n 175 eff. And what is left for duration . First Arcane, would say guardian but any arcane u want can would tbh. but the important arcane u want is arcane velocity . Zenurik for energy
  14. It's good to know that this event is coming back because some ppl have missed it, n if It's not coming back then no opticor v for years :)
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