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  1. will correct, only then another will be even worse ( and then you still sazhit thanks, well children small)) giving money
  2. one question to all in a chat! DE ldelayut constant mistakes at correction old and to them for it write thanks? for what, for the fact that top players do not see couple of days of life where testers where check? top players suffer most and any award and respect! explain Hmm P.S. I will never understand your mind, and do not cost that, DE the seller put off to you bad goods, then corrected also for this thanks? already every time!
  3. and in my opinion its beautiful back the best achievement in a game (
  4. My question to DE how many on time it will proceed? I am a dog lover and the aelurophile, the question here in what, completing on a mission instead of the guard a dog or a cat why having escaped from the place of a skirmish my dog or a cat dies? why the guard constantly trudges for me, I to what wrote it, my dog or a cat in the known environment does not depart from me also it not the silly woman, so in what a probema? what does it there without me do??????😕
  5. when the test is thought up again by spheres to otsanavlivat)) well spheres was, it is necessary what - t another and that? to nuzhnodumat
  6. and will not be, one is corrected, another appears! always so
  7. I was one of the first who went to the sphere, there was such hell, just a bum, next day corrected (I bought a board for platinum experience was not written off, for what to us it?
  8. here to me DE can interestingly create something new without creating a problem in old, or and it will be eternal? that who a top on the skin without payment will pass it (
  9. All one and too a heap corrected a heap created how everything bothered (even thanks could not be said, and for what?) that that who a top already gorged on and it does not concern it
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