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  1. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: Interior Wear & Tear slider does not affect the area in-front of archwing slingshot VISUAL: REPRODUCTION: Enter drydock, customize your railjack, toggle interior, slide Wear&Tear slider to zero. EXPECTED RESULT: The are in-front of archwing slingshot exit should respect the Wear&Tear setting and be in pristine condition. OBSERVED RESULT: The aforementioned area shows wear & tear instead while the rest of the ship is in pristine condition REPRODUCTION RATE: Always
  2. I don't know if it is intended or bug, so I'll be reporting this in bug megathread too but after today's hotfix enemies in RJ begin to spawn in a permanent semi-alert state that prevents me de-alerting them with Ivara's sleep arrow. It was working before. If it is intended I don't know what could be the reason. I can assume that devs want to prevent stealth kills so that people can't finish farming their equipment in three weeks instead of three months. But please prioritize bugs instead of affinity shenanigans so that people would rage quit after three weeks instead of three days.
  3. It's an interesting idea. I can't think of any frames that I have problem having on my team. There will always be trolls that impede gameplay, but you can troll people with any frame, so blacklisting based on frames does not solve that either. Blocking the player itself, however, does. I'm neutral towards to the idea, it won't affect me at all in a positive or negative way. I've written this for devs. I don't think someone who leaves a squad immediately after seeing a frame would give weight to any opinion written here. They are already convinced that they are right and there is no chang
  4. Thank you so much I was thinking of regular credits (like given in lumps of 250k from index) and completely befuddled by the amount 50 per duplicate item ^_^'
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