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  1. I'm on track to have very similar stats once I have enough forma in place to swap intensify to umbral intensify and I can say that this is how Sevagoth feels for me. Brief Respite also feels really good when paired with the augur set since it means I almost always have some shields and shield gating before my health pool (I do have an aura forma on him to swap to Corrosive Projection though, if needed). Question: when you drop Reap for another ability with Helminth, does it overwrite the shadow's first ability too? Not sure what would be good for him but I agree that Reap is definitely the abi
  2. I should clarify by "videos of his damage" I meant there is a video of Brozime surviving with Sevagoth just fine. Steel Path is a horrendous benchmark because it isn't probable or applicable for most of Warframe's player base or gameplay but if you find the need to use it to evaluate your builds, there is enough content to show that he is viable above and beyond anything on the starchart. Level 80 enemies also exceed what is available on most of the starchart and is where arbitrations start off - I would feel comfortable bringing him into arbitrations with just an aura forma and I fully expect
  3. This really matches how I feel about Sevagoth in its entirety. Frame is a 9.5/10 for me and this comment is a 10/10
  4. Honestly, it feels like a lot of the people saying he's squishy or has energy problems aren't building him right (you need fleeting expertise for efficiency because you need to spam his abilities constantly). I went through ESO and got enemies up to level 80 and my health bar wasn't moving with how much life I was stealing and I only have an aura forma so far in his build. There are plenty of videos by YouTubers showing his damage is good even if he takes a ton of forma, which is my only concern. Even when I did go down just to test the passive, I was up right away. He literally feels unkillab
  5. There are numerous things in game currently that can execute you, even through any number of DR or even Rhino's Iron Skin and Shield Gating. On the Test Server, I played Hildryn against the acolytes and had enhanced shieldgating and overshields with both arcane aegis and barrier and still got one shot by them. There's a level of fair damage and then there are grenades, toxic ancients, and now steel path acolytes. It isn't challenging or hard - it's bullS#&$ and can't be looked at reasonably any other way
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