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  1. I've had my laptop on WF streams almost 24/7 since this started. Got 5x Khora helmets, 1x noggle, and a whole lot of glyph displays/fireworks/credits. Seriously disappointed.
  2. Great fixes! I'm loving Conservation now with the Ivara changes. My one huge issue with Fortuna/Orb Vallis still is with the "advanced map". Specifically, it won't show the top and bottom ~8ths of the map. The only way to view them is to zoom in, which then lets me use WASD to pan up to the top. Then when I let the keys go it slowly pans back to the middle. And my cursor will shoot to the side when I'm not touching it. It's all quite weird, and has been happening since Fortuna launched. Am I going insane, or does anyone else have this issue?
  3. True, although this is the first time they're having a separate prime accessories for unvaulting. I'd **love** to get Misa & Pyra primes for cheaper.
  4. 1) IGN: .Raf 2) The clan I'm currently in, while enjoyable, has been going through a nasty drama phase. As such, many people have left, and the environment in chat is now a toxic one. I really dislike that, so I'm trying to find a better place to be. I have had a bit of time lurking in Shy's discord since I started subbing on twitch, and everyone is quite nice and lively. In addition, I always like having a place where I can help new players out in the game, and this clan seems like it has a good mix of newer and veteran players. I spent a long time on the big warframe discord as a mod, so I'm used to big bustling chats, and frankly really enjoy them. 3a) Within Warframe, I started about 16 months ago. When I first finished the tutorial and got to my ship, I said hi in region chat, and said that I was new, and did anyone have any advice for me? Immediately, I got 5 friendly whispers, and one person invited me to a farming run, then at the end gave me a affinity booster. To be clear, I didn't ask for that, he just gave it to be friendly. From that point, I've done what I can to give back to the community, by helping new players. As I mentioned above, I became a welcomer, then a mod, on the main warframe discord, and really enjoyed my time there, and my ability to help new players, and be a good first impression of this community. I've moved away from that discord for a while, but I still love to help new folks. 3b) Outside of Warframe, I'm a mechanical engineering student in the US. Outside of gaming, I enjoy watching soccer, cooking, reading historical fiction, and trying to not freak out about the current global issues. 4) /id/raf42
  5. It's not perfect, but enough clans have gone for the pigments that we have estimated drop rates listed on the wiki: https://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Pigment
  6. I think this is a logical step forward, the only issue is that my computer runs a decent bit hot, and I've been using the program Hialgo Chill, which does a great job at lowering the draw/heat. Only problem, it's DX9 only.
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