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  1. Please make corrupted holokeys more viable to farm, and/or have Glast's shop reset at the same time as Nightwaves do.
  2. While I'm generally against grab-bags, personally I lucked out and got 1 sculpture each from the syndicates I'm not in, which was the best possible outcome. Even then, I'd greatly prefer that we not have grab-bags.
  3. Yup, I've tried well over a dozen times, the elite variant doesn't spawn. I believe it's because of the level shift of nodes from the update, inadvertently putting them too low for the outrider to spawn as an elite.
  4. Woo hoo, 3x flower decanter, 1x kuaka, 1x planter. I'm *so* thrilled. Man, at least make it so "if you watch for 2 hours, you get a guaranteed roll of the rare table".
  5. Elite Kosma Outrider's still don't spawn anymore, due to mission levels shifting.
  6. Elite Kosma Outrider still doesn't spawn after the Corpus Proxima update, I believe all of the rejiggered missions are too low a level for a reg Kosma Outrider to spawn as Elite.
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