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  1. Annoying that I have to re-do all the K-Drive races, couldn't you just run a script of <if player has fake_item_BP, give real_item_BP>?
  2. Is it intentional that I could only obtain 3/4 blueprints for the new K-Drive? I did every single race that's available on the Cambrion Drift, hitting every flag on each of them.
  3. I watched for the full hour, got (at 20 min intervals): Basmu BP; Argon Crystal; Trick or Ballas Glyph.
  4. It appears you broke the ability to link any rivens in chat.
  5. Trapezium Xenorhast and Cabochon Embolos (crafted versions of the two rare gems) are untradable. This appears to be a bug, in that for PoE and Fortuna the rare crafted gems were all tradable (Marquise, radian etc gems). Even Stellated Necrathene, which is one tier below the two, is tradable. (to be clear, everyone I tried it with found them to be untradable. Although oddly Warframe.market lists them as being up for trade, so I'm unsure if they were tradable and now are not, or it was just assumed they'd be tradable).
  6. When will the droptables site (https://warframe.com/droptables) be updated for Heart of Deimos? The initial patch notes say to check it for more info, but it's been 3 days and Deimos stuff isn't there yet.
  7. I totally understand some level of delay, but the fact that the original 29.0 update (three days ago) has this: In it, coupled with the mess that is scintillant, makes me just sad. Please update your tables, thanks!
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