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  1. Damn, 30kb/s despite me having near gigabit internet. RIP DE's servers.
  2. I've had my laptop on WF streams almost 24/7 since this started. Got 5x Khora helmets, 1x noggle, and a whole lot of glyph displays/fireworks/credits. Seriously disappointed.
  3. Great fixes! I'm loving Conservation now with the Ivara changes. My one huge issue with Fortuna/Orb Vallis still is with the "advanced map". Specifically, it won't show the top and bottom ~8ths of the map. The only way to view them is to zoom in, which then lets me use WASD to pan up to the top. Then when I let the keys go it slowly pans back to the middle. And my cursor will shoot to the side when I'm not touching it. It's all quite weird, and has been happening since Fortuna launched. Am I going insane, or does anyone else have this issue?
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