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  1. Yup, I've tried well over a dozen times, the elite variant doesn't spawn. I believe it's because of the level shift of nodes from the update, inadvertently putting them too low for the outrider to spawn as an elite.
  2. Woo hoo, 3x flower decanter, 1x kuaka, 1x planter. I'm *so* thrilled. Man, at least make it so "if you watch for 2 hours, you get a guaranteed roll of the rare table".
  3. Elite Kosma Outrider's still don't spawn anymore, due to mission levels shifting.
  4. Elite Kosma Outrider still doesn't spawn after the Corpus Proxima update, I believe all of the rejiggered missions are too low a level for a reg Kosma Outrider to spawn as Elite.
  5. Type: In-Game, since 29.10. Description: Elite Kosma Outrider ships are no longer appear to be able to spawn, and additionally only a very few number of regular Kosma Outriders spawn at all. Gyre and Exo Elite Outriders still seem to spawn in their respective Proxima planets, it's just the Kosma that can't. I have done a number of runs of all the earth nodes, and have found every elite ship type multiple times besides Outrider. I have also seen other people asking this exact question on reddit and the wiki since the update, again only about the Kosma. It's always possible that the Elite
  6. Yup, you seem to be correct with the 3 minutes. Interestingly, since the timer still counts even if you're in the pause menu (on solo), you can just to right before extract, pause until the timer ticks over to 3 minutes, unpause and finish.
  7. I got 2 grab bags on Monday, 1 grab bag Tuesday (and 5 mins off another one), and finished that one on Wednesday. Loot so far: 2x Mag w/ Itzal noggle on Monday, Send More Dax glyph on Tuesday, and the another Send More Dax glyph on Wed (finishing the Tues drop). There really should be duplicate protection, at least for the items where you can only have one of them (Glyphs).
  8. Might want to edit the main post to make that clear that you can (and should) unlink/relink now. I had also initially interpreted it as "you'll need to unlink/relink after the new system goes up", and not everyone will read the comments. New system seems eh, but I assume it's Twitch's decision, not yours. Rip my 4 year streak, it's been a good run: I've kept it even when I got banned from twitch chat for saying something stupid a few years ago, didn't swap to a new account. Anyway, thanks for the info, here's to hoping the new system doesn't die on you as often as the old one di
  9. Thanks for the hotfix! Also obligatory Nice. Any ballpark info on when Queenpins will be out? Are we talking days, weeks or months? And will they be in the same loop as Kingpins, as in will we be required to not have an active Kingpin to do a Queenpin? I know some folks are holding off on doing any Kingpins for that reason.
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