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  1. I totally understand that it's supposed to be an extra to augment the actual stream but 45d is what I expect to get in an average 5 minutes cracking relics, 10 if I get really bad RNG. Like honestly if it was 100d I think that would be reasonable. Watch the full 150 minutes over the week and get enough for an average Baro reward.
  2. Seriously? Like this is 5 mins of farming even for a new player. Not a good way to get people to tune in.
  3. Needed changes, but I'm still concerned about the droprate. At least for skirmish missions, I'm convinced that the drop tables are bugged. Here's a sample of my drop log, all skirmish on veil: Axi C6 radiant relic 2.5% veil resource bundle 2.5% veil resource bundle 2.5% sevagoth piece 10% corrupted holokeys 37.5% 1200 Endo 12.5% veil resource bundle 2.5% veil resource bundle 2.5% Axi T7 radiant relic 2.5% out of 8 missions in a row, 6 of them gave me an item that is supposed to be 1/40, and only once did I get the ~1/3 drop. I know that's a small sample size, but I can say with some certainty across my farming that the drop rates were not as advertised. I think it's possible that the drop table for skirmish mode was somehow bugged, while I eventually found that spy/exterminate seemed to be more in line with the provided rates.
  4. Please make corrupted holokeys more viable to farm, and/or have Glast's shop reset at the same time as Nightwaves do.
  5. Oh my god thank you! that was driving me crazy, didn't know the bug was tied to the bug skin (ugh pun).
  6. Some systems in this game are released as intended, with room to grow. For example, when Railjack was released, the command intrinsics wasn't available. We knew that we would have to grind more when command eventually came out. This wasn't the case at all. Helminth was pitched as a finished package. Sure, as each new frame comes out there'd be a new ability, but it wasn't ever communicated that there would be a massive new release added to it, let alone one that requires more grinding, and which doesn't take into account the grinding we already did. I have every single frame subsumed. I feel ripped off, big time. Please give retroactive credit at least for the frames themselves, if not also for the feeding that we had to do to enable those frames to be subsumed.
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