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  1. On Earth Defense Tileset, there will be occasions where a whole host of Grinneer will basically start to take some continuous jumping exercises. https://imgur.com/a/WoOkzbD They'll jump up on the stack of crates with the yellow tarp, turn, jump back down, ad nausem. When there's a whole crowd of them, they'll jockey and group up on the ground until the current Grinneer on the box jumps down. While that makes it easy to kill the lot of them, its nonetheless hilariously broken and not immersive.
  2. For a Full squad mission/3 warframes: 1. Wolf spawns with his pack of 3 fugitives (who are NOT Invul) 2. When all fugitives are dead, and Wolf reaches 75% health, he goes invul, howls, summons a pack of 4, and loses invul only when fugitives are dead. 3. When he reaches 25% health, he goes invul, howls, summons a pack of 5, loses invul when all 5 are dead, fight continues until Wolf is dead or the whole squad is downed at once. Loot table is pushed towards dropping more valuable rewards. When a squad is 2 or solo: 1. Wolf spawns with his pack of 3 fugitives (who are NOT Invul) 2. When he reaches 25% health, he goes invul, howls, summons a pack of 3, loses invul when all 3 are dead, fight continues until Wolf is dead. Loot table is standard. What does this achieve: Even in a suboptimal squad setup with squishy frames, it potentially gives them a role to perform by attacking the fugitives. Fugitives are affected by some forms of CC such as Zenurik Void Singularity, and can therefore be herded. Or aggro could be pulled. While any tanks keep Wolf's aggro, until the fugitives die, then everyone can reunite and pile on the DPS. It gives a better flow to the encounter. Its more thematically fitting, with the pack the Wolf is powerful and unbeatable, however, the Lone Wolf dies. It makes it a winnable encounter even when the squad has suboptimal frames/under-leveled gear, yet will still be challenging if even there is a Chroma / Valkyr.
  3. At this point if you solo, you should run around in a Hysteria build Valkyr, modded with Radiation-Crit claws and Energy pads.
  4. I just did 2 Hydron runs, leveling my crit build (Blood Rush, Body Count) Paracesis, (it was the only weapon I had for max affin) and Wolf lvl 70 spawned in both, back to back. 1: A team of Saryn(me), Chroma, and Equinox wailed on him for 10 minutes. We crowded him and managed to get him cornered against one of staircase railings that lead to upper level, Chroma's aura let us hang close and constantly wail on him...my combo counter was sitting at 3.5 x 650+ in the end, and he dropped a Molten Impact. 😧 Seriously! Even with this stupendous counter, I was hitting him for yellow and orange crits of 1200 if I was lucky, mostly it was hovering at constant yellow hits 800 to 900. My toxic lash was also active as much as possible. 2. Next hydron run... he spawns at wave 4. we have Saryn, Inaros, Vauban and Ember. With no Chroma I couldn't stay close. the others eventually running out of ammo, having to use Operators, Archguns (even these running out ammo eventually), essentially leading the fugitives on a wild goose chase, but it meant we could never concentrate all our fire/damage on Wolf. We were constantly getting downed, revived, downed, revived, ad nauseam. After 20+ minutes of this and only getting Wolf to about 6/8 health, I had to go to bed and aborted. This Boss is... really, really, bad. Even with the recent cap on his level, its still a ridiculous poorly designed encounter. If you aren't lucky enough to have a good Chroma in your squad... Just to put this into perspective: A Lvl 70 Shadow Stalker has 564,550 EHP and 90% DR (the entire squad can concentrate on him, he doesn't have the super mobility of the wolf, and is alone) Lvl 70 Wolf has 1,168,728 EHP and 86% DR + 3 Lvl 70 Invincible Fugitives that carry Incendiary Grenades that might as well be star plasma in a bottle, you get hit or just happen to step on the hot puddle - you're insta-dead. DE, please go back to the drawing board on the Wolf. My suggestion that at least would make this better in the interim is to remove the Invincibility from the Fugitives.
  5. What happens? As on the tin, a permanent, detached Sanctuary shield appears that usually generated when a sentinel projects the shield while you're reviving someone. Recreation steps: Sentinel with the Sanctuary mod and I believe the Sacrifice mod as well. Warframe: Ivara with Inflitrate Augment Mod on a Nightmare (No Shield) Exterminate in a Grineer tileset. Not sure if another warframe could do it, or if its a unique interaction with Prowl. Let an Arc Trap down you with Prowl active (my full duration efficiency stealth build only has 225 health, so a Nightmare arc trap can instakill). Wait a second or two, then press revive. Your Sentinel seems to start the Sacrifice revival process, emitting the Sanctuary shield, when the warframe revival kicks in. The result is a detached seemingly permanent Sanctuary shield just sitting there. https://imgur.com/a/hHe9BFb[/img]
  6. Suggestion: DE, can we please get a remastering/higher texture rework of the Lander approach fly bys that features the Grinneer galleons/orbitals etc. Those things are meant to be brutally ugly, but not in a graphical fidelity sense. Corpus ones can use them as well. Also can we finally get a 'coming home' sequence, where we finally get to see the Orbiter exterior in all it glory and the landing craft docking on its tip. Shorten the landing craft zooming sequence to squeeze this bit in.
  7. He spawned again at a much lower level for me on Lua while I was doing Halls of Ascencion... but if he wanted to cheese... I would cheese right back... I introduced him to my Hysteria Valkitty, berzerked critted him to death while laughing at his invulnerable adds shooting at my Invul Kitty, then when the Wolf 'died', the Fugitives were swiftly downed and captured.
  8. I just had a Lvl 80 Wolf spawn in a Nightmare Defense on Saturn. I was in a PUG, so had non optimized setup/group comp, but I was in Saryn P, with my WTFPWN Sortie 3 + level Tigris Prime. If it was just Wolf, he'd just be a bullet sponge, and even if his swings was one shotting dudes, we could just attrition him. But his high level Fugitives adds are the biggest problem now. DE I thought we were done with the straight forward Cheese Invulnerable mechanics. That's right, his adds are straight up invul now until the Wolf seemingly dies... and at that level, their guns and incendiary grenades will hurt and kill you quick too. So if the Wolf does his twirly vacuum attack and his pack is around him... you're insta-dead, no chance to do a thing to avoid it. About the only thing that let the group survive a while was using my Arcaned Husk&Vigor Zenurik Operator to Void Singularity the Adds away from the fight, even then we only got the Wolf to 89% before even my Operator was PWND by Wolf, letting the Adds free and eventually we are all downed at once... and the Wolf left, letting us revive and finish the mission.
  9. Can you PLEASE fix the Vallis enemies already that just ignores Limbo's Rift? You know, the untanky warframe that depends on the Rift to remain alive?
  10. Does Hildryn have any lore bits yet? ie a story, in-game codex, ...anything really? Why was she developed? When? Its definitely a modern era warframe, designed by the Tenno? since Orokin wanted all the frames to have void abilities to counter sentients. So... what the deal, DE? Ever since Garuda, we're definitely lacking a bit of context regarding these frames that come from Vox Solaris...
  11. You could bullet jump with her before this? Didn't know that. Even when playing solo I'd played with the mind of 'Dont bullet jump'. With Zenurik, a good build and energy management, where you find a little spot to hunker down out of sight, for a void dash recharge/energy pad, her Invisibility is effectively endless. The more limited Movement abilities with max Stealth and still achieving your objectives is a nice challenge to me. Its thematic of the 'patient hunter', which is what she is.
  12. Such 'permanent' consequence to failure or loss would be awesome, it really ups the stakes and excitement, and gives meaning to events in the gameworld. For example, EVE Online does this as a matter of course... your ship dies, its dead, permanently, your pilot pod that ejects afterward can get killed after its ejected too... all mods equipped, poof, gone...though RNG is run on the mods that drop with your ship's wreck... I digress... The point is that if DE or the playerbase wants any significant meaning to be attached to these events, some excitement, and even fun - then some form of risk-reward mechanic/mode must be introduced. The key is that the loss you suffer must be 'recoverable' with time ie. farming/credits/endo etc.
  13. Here's hoping the interior (and even exterior) of this Relay will be something unique and special, with some sort of new game mechanic or system plus unique rewards... otherwise... *shrugs* just something to sink accumulated resources into, meh.
  14. @[DE]Rebecca Can we please see the build you had on the melee weapon you used in the Melee 3.0 demo for this stream?
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