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  1. Can you PLEASE fix the Vallis enemies already that just ignores Limbo's Rift? You know, the untanky warframe that depends on the Rift to remain alive?
  2. Had the same thing happen to me just half an hour ago. What makes it worse, it was roundabout the time I finished an Elite... so now I'm not sure if I lost all that standing or what... Would be really nice if we could get a pop-menu/screen from the Nightwave interface that shows our Standing History gains over the period of a Season.
  3. Does Hildryn have any lore bits yet? ie a story, in-game codex, ...anything really? Why was she developed? When? Its definitely a modern era warframe, designed by the Tenno? since Orokin wanted all the frames to have void abilities to counter sentients. So... what the deal, DE? Ever since Garuda, we're definitely lacking a bit of context regarding these frames that come from Vox Solaris...
  4. You could bullet jump with her before this? Didn't know that. Even when playing solo I'd played with the mind of 'Dont bullet jump'. With Zenurik, a good build and energy management, where you find a little spot to hunker down out of sight, for a void dash recharge/energy pad, her Invisibility is effectively endless. The more limited Movement abilities with max Stealth and still achieving your objectives is a nice challenge to me. Its thematic of the 'patient hunter', which is what she is.
  5. Started a solo Plains run to get started for the Earthminer Act. About a hundred feet out of the gate I got one gem deposit, which gave me a rare. Nice. Then what followed was an exercise in futility. None of the hotspots I knew had any deposits ore or gem... none on random stones either after I scoured the plains in random directions. The cave near the Geyser, also had nothing, and the cave map was missing from the mini-map UI. EDIT: Going into Operator and back, makes the gem/ore deposits magically reappear. On one instance of Orb Vallis I also had a bug where no item icons would show in the mission summary. It only occurred once, and didn't happen for subsequent missions.
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