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  1. They said the next Prime after Mesa Prime will be launching a bit later than usual (probably April) to give Switch players some time to catch up, if I remember correctly.
  2. I'm glad the "Elite Alerts" have been renamed to Arbitrations and are tied to the Arbiters of Hexis! I feel like that Syndicate has been a bit neglected while all the other ones got extra lore in the form of quests or events, and I hope the gameplay and dialogue in the Arbitrations will shed some new light on the Arbiters' motivations and philosophy. Also excited for the infinite Archwing, that is a great change indeed! :3
  3. I'd also like to know if we're getting the flying Eidolon you showed off a while back! It looked huge and awesome and I'd love to know what the status on it is, is it coming to the Plains or to Orb Vallis in the foreseeable future? Also, are there any plans for an Arbiters of Hexis syndicate quest perhaps, in the vein of Glast Gambit, Octavia's Anthem and so on? 🙂
  4. What will happen to Life Strike? Since channeling is getting removed / reworked, how will Life Strike work now? I really don't want to see it removed or nerfed, its a staple of many builds, including Excalibur Umbra's. Also how will the new channeling work? Unrelated question: What happened to the giant flying Eidolon you showed off before? Will we still get to see that in the game at some point? It looked badass! 😄
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