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  1. So everything I’ve read has said it’s an enemy type, but I don’t think it is. Most times when an enemy takes energy away there’s a screen glitch thing like magnetic dmg or something. Or there’s the eximus that slowly drain energy. But with this possible bug my energy will go from however much I have to 0 in an instant. I have videos and everything, I’ll be alone or surrounded my enemies and boom 400+ energy down to 0 in an instant. Please someone give me a better explanation other than an enemy unit, like which one? So I know what I’m looking for. Or if it’s a bug. (Makes it really hard to play considering 90% of warframe is energy based.)(also in one of my videos I used 3 large energy pads and had 600 energy, down to 0 instantly after walking away from the pad area)
  2. Too be honest I feel like the lore isn’t gonna be that in-depth because if you look at the lore of a lot of frames it makes no sense. Valkyr for instance was a normal frame driven insane by torture from alad v hundreds or thousands of years after the fall of the Orokin and yet she has a prime frame made by the Orokin. Warframes main story is basically them just throwing stuff together to evolve the story, which don’t get me wrong is absolutely amazing in my opinion. And I’ve been playing since release and seeing the game evolve into such a thing is incredible. But the Warframe lores on the other hand have always been iffy to say the least. it’s hard to poke holes in the main lore of Warframe if you look at what’s its become, (minus the old lores because they always find a way to wrap up those loose ends) but the frame lores in the other hand are full of holes and gaps that don’t make sense.
  3. So a bug I’ve encountered recently and have not been able to replicate cause I don’t know what caused it. But returned to the dojo after a mission and a crew ship was is the dojo and killed everyone once we left the ship. And we were not allowed to get back on the ship either and it could shoot you anywhere in the dojo. If I knew how to post pics on here I would.
  4. One bug I’ve encountered that has happened only twice to me and I’m not sure if anyone else got this but I went to slingshot to another player rather than an enemy and instead of flying to the player it aims down hard and just rockets me away for about 10 minutes or till they leave the mission. Last time it happened I ended up 30k+ meters away. Another issue that isn’t really a bug but something I thing should be fixed is the Omni revlite or whatever it’s called. Mine is always full but when I join another crew or make my own it says I have lower based on what other people have. I understand the artillery and seeker missiles being set to however many the owner of the ship has but my revlite seems to always be set to someone else.
  5. Am playing on Xbox. During Railjack missions I consistently get stuck in “space” can look around and change abilities but can’t move or leave mission. Have to restart. I don’t know if any specifics steps to take to recreate because it’s happened multiple time doing multiple things. Most recent was flying an enemy ship and mission finished.
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