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  1. Someone may have already cleared this up for you, but I'll explain as best I can. People were using Loki's Switch Teleport on the Demolysts (and probably other enemies but the Demolyst is much more important here) in specific parts of the map that had known bugs that were set to be fixed. These bugs in the map allowed players to Switch Teleport and instantly kill the Demolysts, which is not the function of Loki's ability at all. No Warframe or weapon in the game is designed to just simply cause instant death of an enemy, while you may get big enough damage to kill something in one shot, nothing in this game is just "I use this and it dies." The people using this bug were doing so with the full knowledge that what they were doing to "win" was an unintentional problem or design flaw in the game, and using said bug to advance their own scores far beyond something anyone in this game could achieve by normal means, which is exactly what an exploit is.
  2. That's not a bug. If the conduit isn't properly defended (i.e. the Demolyst destroys it) the buff of that conduit isn't added for the rest of that round, and if it is destroyed any negative effect persists until the end of that round.
  3. Public ridicule isn't exactly something a company should do, given the PR nightmare it could turn into. (poking fun of your player-base, even if it is just the "cheaters" can turn off other people from the game.) I agree with wiping the scores of obvious exploiters, and at least a ban until the event is over, if not longer, hell, even a permanent ban, even if just a permanent ban on said players' abilities to contribute to clan scores or earn high-scores at all. Many, of these players that abused this particular negative-critical instant-kill exploit have blatantly used exploits and bugs during other clan-related operations and events, and high-score-related things in the game in general, and it's often the same clans exploiting these bugs. I strongly agree with the idea of some sort of punishment for this behaviour, especially when so many of these players and clans are repeat offenders. What will that punishment be? I think we should all leave that up to DE, but I really hope it's more than a "Hey you players shouldn't do that, that's cheating!" and then making their scores disappear from the leaderboards.
  4. Just because a resource is rare does not mean you have zero ways to obtain it. That's all I'm saying. I'm trying to be helpful here.
  5. It has a small chance to drop from a cache when all three are found — Orokin or Reactor Sabotage and Lua or Kuva Fortress Exterminate. Part of Cetus Bounty's reward pool during a Ghoul Purge. Straight from the Warframe Wiki. You have options. I'm under the assumption that the next Nightwave season will have something to do with the new Gas City/Amalgams so I'm willing to bet it will drop after Hostile Mergers ends. Regardless, they're not bringing regular Alerts back, and I'd rather wait on a good Nightwave season, than a bad one just to get a resource faster.
  6. Try the Recruiting tab and make sure to emphasize that you need a minimum 4,000 score. I bet that'll get you sorted out pretty quick.
  7. I see a LOT of people complaining about wanting their resources back from making their own Arcanes after the recent mainline. Personally, this bothers me. You played on an older build, and therefore had to do something differently than people now doing things in a current build. The loc-pins being refunded was due to a bug being fixed and the items returned as an apology for a bug. Arcanes intentionally had a build cost, and now they don't. Not a bug, therefore, I don't see a need to refund anyone. You didn't "waste your time" you weren't "cheated" you guys used those arcanes you built during the time that they had a build cost. Did you have to work harder for them than people do now? Possibly, but things being "easier" than they were for you originally doesn't entitle you to a refund, I think. Rather than try to force DE to build a script to give you things back that you actually got a use out of for a couple years of play, lets let them continue to work on improvements and additions to the game as it is now. Lastly, I do not understand some people's actual hatred for Nora, she's a new character with a lot of unique dialog. Are some of the things she says repetitive? Yes of course, but in my time playing Warframe Lotus has said more of the exact same lines hundreds, maybe thousands of times over, though I have yet to see anyone ask for, specifically, a mute Lotus button.
  8. I imagine you'll get pigments for capturing them, or those pigments will be moved to new enemies. Pretty easy fix.
  9. I am not one to complain about purely cosmetic issues, and I am aware that people have recently paid actual money for this armor set, but the Targis armor set greaves still don't sit on Hildryn properly, and many people (including myself) paid actual money for this armor set long before TennoCon 2019 tickets, and subsequently before this armor set, went on sale. Please fix this soon. Regardless, Thanks for the hotfix. Oh! On the subject of Hildryn though, I think increasing the base fire rate/charge rate of Balefire when used during Aegis storm by 50-100% would be reasonable, considering we are dual-wielding them, and it is also the only sort of weapon usable during Aegis Storm. Thank you for your time.
  10. The melee system is changing, for the better, this is only phase one towards melee 3.0. I personally do not believe the original intention of quick melee when it was a thing was for people to strike as fast as possible as they run past enemies, but to allow a player to hit a nearby enemy when guns weren't the best idea. Now and moving forwards, we have the full use of our stances to attack our enemies without having to hold a button, holster whatever we currently have equipped, draw said melee weapon, and then attack. That is faster and better.
  11. Speaking of Wise Razor, the Tatsu is a two-handed Nikana and therefore simply a bigger Nikana, and should be effected by Excalibur's (and Umbra's) sword passive. Can we plug this into the next hotfix please?
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