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  1. Very happy about this, now if she could retain her floating when aiming down sights of weapons, using Archguns, and BLOCKING while using melee, all her bases would be covered.
  2. At least you're not asking for a "ReVeRt iTzAl BlInK PL0X!!!!!!11" This is a genuine push for a buff, although I may not 100% agree with what you're suggesting, which is to basically double everything, I think I can agree that combined with the changes to how blink works universally now, and the loss of hitscan weapons, archwing centered content has become a bit trickier. The only thing I can 100% agree on is how much much drain VS how much befit Hyperion Thrusters is at right now.
  3. Bigger sorts of fixes take more time to track and patch I imagine. I'm sure that it'll be smooth(er) sailing in a few weeks.
  4. I came here to watch people complain about Maiming Strike. I was not disappointed.
  5. Can we get some sort of despawn timer or something on Kuva Liches? I've experienced several players now who outright refuse to attempt to kill their Lich, despite being in the mission types designed to encounter them. This causes a completely unkillable boss to wander around while the other 1-3 players in the mission attempt to finish whatever mission type their in. Further, these players are inadvertently (or purposefully) preventing other players from spawning their own Liches. Also, I'm aware one could just "play solo" or "play with friends" but doing so limits your player base.
  6. All I ask is that you don't nerf the difficulty of this new content into oblivion like you did with Fortuna, Cetus, Arbitrations, and much more. Many people in the Warframe community have been crying out for tougher, "endgame" content for years. I've been playing for nearly three years myself, and would love to have some real, truly interesting and tough content to dig my teeth into. Also, DE mentioned difficulty levels ages ago; if you're going to nerf EVERYTHING anyway, maybe implement that sooner rather than later? Thanks.
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