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  1. Have the same issue as well. Wich is sad since i think its such a cool ephemera.
  2. Happened for me as well, but she turned blue, but the shader is the same from the looks of it. It makes the fight massivly more difficult, since not even the legs' smoke are visible, so you wouldnt know that they are damaged or not.
  3. I figured that was the case, kinda like the candy cane skin (Altoguh in this case with the kuva weapons are unintended). Glad to see that it be fixed soon. Also, the Flak Cannon and The Rocket Launcher skins adds new reload animations, wich is really nice, but the Shock Rifle still uses the Stahlta's original reload. Is that intended or sould teh skin have its reload like the other two? Since upon reload, any magtazine being ejected has the same model as the original Stahlta, wich is, unmatching.
  4. That is indeed true, and i am one of the people who suffers from migraines, and the Auto-Exposure isnt making that any better. I mean, arent our own eyes doing that sort of job on their own anyways? Adjusts acording to the light in a room or image.
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