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  1. I love Wisp so far. Cute animations, fun abilities and i do love the alt helm alot. But it has a problem. There are missing vertices on the right side of her helmet that creates a hole that is see-through, as you can see here. Maybe during rigging, someone must have accidently select the wrong vertices and removed them when tehy where doing a cleanup or something. Eitehr way, teh screenshot shows it here. EDIT: Now somehow its fixed. If im not mistaken, those very vertices are reacting to specific effects or shaders. I will test things out and make edits when i find the more concrete clues on this issue.
  2. Let see the checklist here. Huge Update that reworked The Gas City in the most awesome way possible: Check New Sentient/Corpus hybrid weapons that would make Revenant happy: Check Nyx Deluxe Skin and a bundle of items with it: Check Corpus UI Theme: Check The warframe Wisp with unique aniamtions, and a big cute butt: Check. Yep this update checks out. Props to DE for delivering an awesome update. Im gonna have a fieldtrip with this update OuO
  3. ShichiseitenYasha, your post is a rarity, but very appriciated and pleasant to read considering that you are giving a really good feedback and suggestions. Most people would flat out yell or throw fire and brimstone to show how angry they are with something without giving muhc feedback that is constructive. Not all ofcorse, but they are there. What i loved about Melee 2.0 that we had for years, was controll, you really felt you where in controll. When Charge was re-added from Melee 1.0, that too also enhanced the controll you had over melee, and in turn, you could go full Melee only mode in many missions and it felt rewarding too. It made Sortie missions with Melee Only also fun and functional. I really think that the melee rework as of now was thrown out far to early from the oven, and some of the changes they did wasnt either ready, or was the wrong things to change. I think Phase 1 need to be reverted until it is actualy ready, when it is baked enough in the oven and ready to be served. I do love the concepts they have planned, but right now its in a really ugly state. Overall, great post, you deserve a applause upvote.
  4. I went and tried the method of going without secondary and primary to get into the old melee kind of system (With the spice of the new) and get the old Manual Block back. Unfortunatly, the fix that was provided wasnt tested properly, or something within the changes that was done had a nasty bug that managed to get past security, like a knife made out of Jello (2 points for anyone getting the reference). Accidents like that though can happen to any developer, so im not angry about it. What i experience is that there is a conflcit between the 2 systems, the old and the new. While ''block animation'' do play when you hold the block button, its just that, an animation, for even if you dont hold it, you still block like usual. This also causes some other issues, where you are ''unarmed'' acordign to the screen where you have the weaponless idle stance. You get this situation when you try to ''fire'' your non-existant gun, probably because that the new system tries to find the weapons you normaly would have with you, but since they dont exist, it goes to the default ''weapon'' ,wich is the Unarmed tag.
  5. Likewise, i want that too, but for now, this sounds like a pretty good temporary substitute for manual block. I think using Hildryn with her First Ability sounds like a neat idea to try out, where if you ever really need ranged, that ability got ya covered.
  6. I had my priorities right then, with something that big and cute, how can i not admire? (I think Vermillion's size just got owned) OuO Defintly one of the details i can appricaite DE for not censoring or covering it with some cloth physics that just clips and glitches anyways. Aside from that, im interested if the hovering animation with running and sprinting is possible for Titania to use as well considering she too hovers above ground when idle, so giving the same animation when running and sprinting seems like an ideal thing to do, unless both frames are using far to different rigging.
  7. Yeah, and thats it i think. So there was jsut 2 classes and a third one was in the making. But hey, still worth playing for sure. Totaly gonna recolor my Atlas in similar colors as the standard Brute colors ouo
  8. I can defintly see it. Shame tho that the game doenst get updated anymore, it was such a fun game ;-; But really, thats a skin i defintly buy once it gets released.
  9. Any plans on releasing the Proto weapon skins that was shown in a previous devstream?
  10. As much as i love Mesa Prime's cute butt, the update sadly have a bit of flaws. The good part first, is that it now feels more, organic? And less stiff. However, it apepars that due to, from my observation, that the old skeletal rigg isnt very suited for her body and causes her left buttcheek to collapse when you croutch. Running and walking seems fine, havent tried sprinting yet. Its strange, since Ember Vermillion's super cute butt does not have that issue (And its also ALOT bigger too), so whoever rigged Vermillion's butt, did the job right. So another hotfix might be in order. EDIT: Sprinting works fine and many idle animation works fine too. Only tried Garuda's noble animation since its one of the few stance animations that is focused on being soft with the butt movement. So, currently only crotuching and croutch walk is having some big issues.
  11. I gotta say, that Baruuk is a fun frame to play with. Love the sound design of his abilities and i like his design overall. Its distinctive, but not a christmass tree. I do love his abilities, and they all have a strong punch to them (No pun intended) when you use them, the weight and power behind them. From a artistic standpoint, Baruuk is fantastic. But i got a suggestion. Please dont do what you did with Umbra's Radial Howl and Khora's Strangledome, where it got changed into a quicker, cheaper variant where its original flavour was lost. Im talking about ofcorse Baruuk's second ability that causes enemies to slow down and then fall asleep to be open to finishers. That abiltiy is obviosuly alot slower than Excaliber's Radial Blind or other abilities, but its presentation and overall effect via a artisitic design, its fantastic and its what i love best. Its probably just me being an artist who has her own opinion and like things differently, i just wanted to share my view on things.
  12. Looks like i be saving my 500 Kronor (49 USD for those tho dont know) due to it being Operator accessories in general, but even those are alot more lacking, even for the space brats. Mesa Prime with Redeemer Prime and Akjagara Prime though? Definitly a worth buy in my opinion (Also, those who do love the operator accessories, more power to you. Its just not for me.)
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