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  1. you are wellcome. this lass got a bit anoyed with these birds, so i explored many possibilities to find them .w.
  2. that usualy means that they are stuck inside a structure. check this screenshot i made. If you cant find the bird, they may be inside these blobs, or atleast around the said area from this structure.
  3. Agreed, wich i replied with to Doomfruit. It would be alot better if DE didnt remove that switch (Wich still baffles me why it was even needed to be removed).
  4. Indeed. Honeslty all this could have been avoided, if DE didnt nuked the Adaptive Exposure switch. I mean, we have options for those who are colorblind (And different variants for different colorblindness) for accessability, so why not for people who suffer from migraines due to eye strains? I really do hope they re-enable the option again in a future hotfix or patch.
  5. understandable, but so far, this is one of the only methods we have sadly. If you get the screen nuke, set teh effect intensity back to the lowest.
  6. I found some new discovery, and this one is pretty simple. If you havent, disable Bloom entirerly. It may look nice in some areas, but ultimatly, its not worth the eye strain. What i discovered is that the Adaptive Exposure reacts strongly to Bloom, like alot. So if you like, try set the Effect Intensity to something higher, like 30 or 40 or so, and turn off bloom and see how it goes.
  7. It is indeed terrible. i dont mind long, long grinds as long as the game design is working nicely, but this spawning inside structures thing? Thats no fun.
  8. Why thank you .w. this lass needs a good resolution to look at butts, and ofcorse finding those pesky birds that defy physics.
  9. The Avichaea birds are definitly the worst. Even with a 4k monitor, their size is so small and their color matching the areas, making them difficult to track and find. But, i evenutaly figured it out why they are so hard to find. Check this image If you cant find the birds, check this area where they usual spawn. There is a big chance that they are located there, either inside that marked area, or inside the blobs (The Tranq Gun cant penetrate the blobs, but Ivara's Sleep arrow's AOE can).
  10. Why yes, i would love to have the option to toggle these extra items. (Cant have enough butts). But really tho, being able to toggle induvidual parts of a frame can open up alot of fashion frame possibilities, and some may even give the players, if they so choose, a more minimalistic look (Eitehr for the sleak look ''or for me, seeing the cute butts better'', or less distractions from physics). Or in some cases i seen, teh anoyance of clipping between skirts and syandanas, or other oddities. Dont know the science how the engine works, but i definitly would wellcome such customizatrion 💗
  11. Certainly better than before. What i recommend (If you ahvent done so already) try set the particle System quality and GPU Particles on max. I can see my own effects and weapon effects quiite fine, maybe not as intense, but its there. But it sure hell is better than suffering severe migraines, and we, as players souldnt suffer from it. So for now, i will always have the effect intensity to 10.
  12. After some experimentation, i have discovered that the Adaptive Exposure is as stuborn as Stalker wants you dead. The idea behind a reverse value eye adaption didnt work (Tried 2 versions). While they could lighten up the scene when there is alot of explosions and flames, going outside of it will cause the screen to turn white, or washed out. But during my experimentations, i found an interesting revelation. Apparnelty the Effect Intensity plays a huge part with this issue we experience. As you can see, different values affects not only the intensity of the effects, but app
  13. I used Reshade for Warframe in the past, and so far DE hasnt had any problems with it. But if i do get the desired results, i make sure to post it here.
  14. Fricken, jikes ._. Good thing that the grineer dont use LED Armors, that be their ultimate weapon against us. But for real, this is horrible, and for someone who suffers from migraines, it makes playing more difficult, and i have been trying to find ways to counter this Migraine Exposure. One idea i have yet to try, but thinking of is using Reshade with EyeAdaption with reverse values. No idea if that would work but, if it does, then that be quite the win for us with migraine problems.
  15. Experienced that after playing with 3 random people (Whoever you guys and gals was, good game to ya). Since i play Solo almost all the time (consider how empty my clan is), i dont really experience this black screen, only just now when i decided to join a random game with my Excalibur Prime.
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