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  1. Can confirm, the only ''relay'' channel is the empty default one. Seems that the sentients hit so hard that the relay got crushed too
  2. did you used a Zenith variant of the granum coin? If not, you need to use that, otherwise the sister wont spawn.
  3. I have a feeling that no matter how much we howl, they wont bring it back. I find it a bit odd, and sad how they do give people with colorblindness the options to adjust colors (Depending on what colorblindness they have), but doesnt give us with migraine problems the same treatment. It be nice if we could get some response, even a technical explaination as of why we cant have it back. Turning off Migraine Exposure could lead to the game glitching out? Maybe the coding on the new rendering engine doenst allow it? Gotta be something they could tell us.
  4. Can confirm it. Default skin works fine but the Kollapsar skin's turret is stuck. Guess they must have forgotten to fix it to be removable. Lets hope a hotfix can fix that.
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