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  1. Happened for me as well, but she turned blue, but the shader is the same from the looks of it. It makes the fight massivly more difficult, since not even the legs' smoke are visible, so you wouldnt know that they are damaged or not.
  2. I figured that was the case, kinda like the candy cane skin (Altoguh in this case with the kuva weapons are unintended). Glad to see that it be fixed soon. Also, the Flak Cannon and The Rocket Launcher skins adds new reload animations, wich is really nice, but the Shock Rifle still uses the Stahlta's original reload. Is that intended or sould teh skin have its reload like the other two? Since upon reload, any magtazine being ejected has the same model as the original Stahlta, wich is, unmatching.
  3. That is indeed true, and i am one of the people who suffers from migraines, and the Auto-Exposure isnt making that any better. I mean, arent our own eyes doing that sort of job on their own anyways? Adjusts acording to the light in a room or image.
  4. ShichiseitenYasha, your post is a rarity, but very appriciated and pleasant to read considering that you are giving a really good feedback and suggestions. Most people would flat out yell or throw fire and brimstone to show how angry they are with something without giving muhc feedback that is constructive. Not all ofcorse, but they are there. What i loved about Melee 2.0 that we had for years, was controll, you really felt you where in controll. When Charge was re-added from Melee 1.0, that too also enhanced the controll you had over melee, and in turn, you could go full Melee only mode
  5. Thats becasue they want our kids to be tiny little edgelords i wish to eject out of the airlock. But really, having facial hair features would be great. I mean, even young teenager may even have beards (altough its on that very early stage). And in regards to hair on teh head, yeah they need to add some more hairstyles, and something more relatable too if possible.
  6. Will i be able to summon totems and cast chain lightning? : D But really thats a really cool concept, sorta reminds me sometihng out of Throne of Darkness.
  7. I rahter much having the casting time slowed down to its original (and thus giving it the feeling of a stronger ability), but since its an unpopular opinion, i might as well go with what Silverback73 suggested, adding an echo, wich does sound pretty cool idea considering it is a howl, like a wolf howl. If not, then a little bit of rework on the ability to make things look, feel and work nicely.
  8. Yeah. And here is the thing. Kavats doenst seem to be affected, as tehy dont loose loyatly when they die. I guess this must have been an oversight on the developers part.
  9. Chillin with our buddy Stalker i see. He is like ''Sup, so nice weather right?''
  10. He is already a Cephalon here on the forums, but then again, considering how amazing he is, im sure he can handle being the cephalon for all of us. He jsut need a Cephalon profile pic and he is good to go hehe
  11. Might as well say it here so for us Solo players can get as mcuh poitns as possible before DE discovers it and patches it. Equinox is an unusauly effective frame in this event. Day Form's 4th ability slash is effective to deal damage, while teh night's 4th ability can actauly heal the defectors even without those healign devices.
  12. That happend before when Excalibur had his rework, wich added the Proto Skin, the prisma skin and all that, and the proto skin where using the wrong body for the texutre, and desptie me showing that several times, it was ignored
  13. Just 2. A forma bundle, and that kavat kuva armor. Thats about it. And a really big wish of a happy christmas to every tenno out there.
  14. I am one of them. I only got 2 so far, one for Ogris and one for Snipetron (Wich made my Snipetron Vandal a beast), but i end up only getting endo, endo, and more endo, and last time, i got a lens, that i dont even use or need. So cureently getting ore items cluttering the reward table, basicly makes it less likely to get a Riven mod. And also, doign this solo makes it harder for sure (But atleast i can do the sorties on my own pase)
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