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  1. Best of lucks to you too. I'll probably stop responding at least for today. Reading some of these has...Been an experience. But I suppose I can't expect people to be happy with my post. Anytime you've got anything negative to say about something people are passionate about, it's likely to lead to it.
  2. It wasn't minor changes thought. It was complete overhauls. A minor change is say tweaking an ability's effectiveness. Changing core mechanics of the game is a massive change. And changing them for little to no good reason in such a way that the new system is actively worse. It also causes a knock on effect of builds what frames you could use and other things to that nature. As for my use of ember prime, she's one of my favorite frames actually. I used her a lot. But the problem is for SOLO CONTENT of which I said the vast majority is invested survival, the attrition damage wears you down, cause you know....Can't heal. Life strike was kinda vital to my builds on frames like Ember, which was often different then my weapon's build for say Inaros or nekros prime, frames which have a good amount of ability to survive. I spent like 600-800 plats to unlock her, which I bought the plat for real money. Offering criticism or being upset about changes enough that you leave, doesn't mean you weren't invested. People can have any number of reasons to quit a game they were utterly invested in. And the fact I do have so many hours in the game would typically tell a person you're invested in it. But if you choose to not believe that, to make it easier for yourself to justify tossing aside my venting goodbye, that's fine. I wish you the best.
  3. Yeah, I've got nearly 1,000 hours in warframe. Most of it was solo, but there's been more then a few times i've helped people farm stuff, and helped people do hard missions and so on. So even with my outcast attitude, I still feel attached. Which is why I've gone out of my way to be polite, even when some were being unreasonably insulting without even understanding why I was upset. I appreciate you defending me though, I really do. Makes me feel slightly better about the community for sure.
  4. I lost a bit of the courteous towards one person. But I felt that being polite, even despite some people being more then slightly insulting, would do a lot of the talking for me. But even I have my limits. And this one person finally hit them. Thank you though. I appreciate it.
  5. 1) Who ever said I didn't, who ever said you didn't? I was pointing out the hypocrisy of your own statements. If your advice to me is "STOP COMPLAINING" while also complaining about my complaints, it comes off as a blatant do as I say, not as I do moment. Your argument is valid to you, but it's also hypocritical. And you should be aware of that at least. Especially as you've gone out of your way to be rude to myself, and a few others I tried to be civil to you for a while. But pointing out your hypocrisy, especially as that was mounting, became something I couldn't resist. 2) No, I posted in order to vent. You should actually read it, because it says that I doubt anyone will even read this. (Or something to that effect). It was clearly me venting about changes that caused me to stop enjoying the game to such a degree I couldn't justify spending more time or money. That'd just be digging an already deep hole, even deeper. It was better to cut my losses, post a vent post, and uninstall. 3)Again, that's the point. It was a vent. I don't expect you to care. I never ASKED you to care. I didn't even ask you to read the damn thing. So it's a bit ironic you're pretending like I'm somehow forcing people to read it. That's like saying "How dare you make a youtube video criticizing this thing I like, just don't play it!" It's a ridiculous notion that everyone is going to be positive about something. It's ridiculous to say something, and by saying it, doing the exact thing you have an issue with. It seems you're actually even more upset then I am, so I'm sorry I upset you.
  6. No it really can't. To do that you'd have to ignore what I actually said was my issue with it. Which was changing core mechanics for worse ones, limiting my options in terms of frames , and other things to this effect. I have over 900 hours in the game, spent more then a thousand bucks over the years, it's safe to say, I was emotionally invested. And by over 900 hours, I meant something above 950 of them. Closing in on that first 1k hours. But I am not going down this path, I've been down it with more then a few mmos due to blind loyalty out of stupidity of my own. I'm no longer blindly loyal. I will not support things I don't actively enjoy anymore.
  7. But you see, while you think it was over due, just read this thread. There's more then a few saying the changes harmed them too. There was more then just the Blood rush build effected. And the fact people are so divided by it kinda shows that it wasn't a good change. Good change everyone rallies behind. Bad change divides people, and make it a heated issue. The fact that this is a thing, is kinda proof enough that the change has effected people on both sides of the coin, and the fact it's not just one person affected in a strictly negative way kinda shows that they didn't fix anything, they just replaced one issue with another. (Not that I think there was ever an issue, melee was perfectly fine the way it was. You traded the range, and the ability to keep enemies at a distance, in exchange for melee that could be over-powered in the right builds. It was a trade off, and it's not like blood rush was the only build that worked. It simply was one I enjoyed. Because it maximized the potential of melee, with a good risk-reward system.)
  8. So your answer to me making a post venting, is to make a post...Complaining about that post. And then you're going to tell me about wasted time, and validation. I'm just pointing out the irony of saying one thing, and doing the opposite. It is your opinion it's poor behavior to....Write a post venting about an issue. Not an opinion I personally hold, but to each their own I suppose.
  9. Never played destiny, have a friend that likes it. I hear mixed reviews about it. Can't help you there.
  10. Entitled to your own opinion I suppose.
  11. I picked up DS3 a while back for like 20 bucks for the 100 dollar edition, so I'll probably fill the void with that game. Dark souls is a great game series, and everyone should play it. I hope in a year or two I can pick up warframe and work past this, but for right now I just feel the game isn't enjoyable for me, and wanted to get it off my chest more then anything. Besides, I can use that space for mods for another game or something. I'll find a use for it.
  12. Like I said, it's mostly was meant to vent. Considering most companies won't listen to their fans even if they're united when it comes to changes in mmos, I don't exactly expect a change. In fact, I'd say that'd be delusion. So this was more for me, getting it off my chest, then anything else.
  13. Okay. You're entitled to your opinion, I disagree, and from some of the other replies,I'm not alone in how I feel about all this. I'm not going to be drawn into a mud flinging contest with you, so if you're hoping I'm going to be rude back to you, you're going to be disappointed.
  14. It's a really hard thing to leave something you're emotionally and in my case financially invested in. But I just feel the changes ruin a lot of what I enjoyed about the game. So until something gives, this will be a good time for me to leave again in favor of games I'll have more fun in.
  15. So what you're saying is you're upset....I play melee? Because melee is literally about hitting the melee key over and over...That's what it is. All the creative comes from the fine tuning of mods and builds. But again, being over powered is not the same as cheesing. Cheesing would be in a raid with a mech that a player needs to intercept a thing and it hurts the player, they found a way to use a pet or non-player to intercept it. It's the glitching of mechanics to make something easier usually. Having a strong build is not glitching mechanics, and you shouldn't just go around calling people exploiters over it. You may not have intentionally done that, but you did. Melee is mostly the same, the build still works, the aspect that doesn't work is being able to use weaker frames, or non-tank frames. So this change didn't actually fix anything, it just broke things more, and in my opinion, made even few options and choices. And that, will never be a good thing in my opinion. You're entitled to your own opinion, but I also strong disagree with you.
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